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  1. Bob Parker says:

    Hey, anyone out there? This is a test….. ;]

  2. Les says:

    Kim, (whoever you are)

    Thank you so much for the detailed notes. When one lives 2 hours from you, the notes sure helped me learn and be informed.


  3. Nancy Ray says:

    After the meeting I was compelled to contact my state senator and the governor about enhanced driver’s license. I sent a letter to the governor’s office.

  4. Wayne Griswold says:

    Thank you Doreen for making the early morning trip to Jefferson City to testify on the Agenda 21 Bill (HB 42). Your expertise on the topic was immediately evident as every member of the Committee (including the Democrats) sat up and took notice when you began testifying.

  5. garland fitzhugh says:

    I attended one of your meetings and was glad to hear you encouraging open carry.
    If citizens don’t practice the rights they have, those rights will soon disappear.
    And, while I know many people base their incomes on concealed carry, freeze dried foods,and various prepper supplies, let’s not forget to take advantage of the free rights that have already been
    paid in the blood of others.

  6. garland fitzhugh says:

    running scared seems to be the theme of each day, here’s an example. yesterday an e-mail from a
    bud that works law enforcement , anyway he had a text from his wife who works for a judge. the buzz around their office was an event was about to take place that may clear the store shelves.
    I haven’t seen any mushroom clouds this morning, but it is kinda sad that all these rumors cause a certain amount of concern.
    know what I mean?

  7. garland fitzhugh says:

    well here I go again, I feel like I am invading someone elses space by commenting here as I am not a member of the group. but, for everyone who is a member consider yourself lucky. It seems that the purpose and ideas stay on course and that is good. I have attended a lot of meetings elsewhere and most of them vary off into unknown territory.
    I looked for meetings that involved “prepper” stuff for the lack of a better term.
    And, sometimes a meeting would deal with that, but overall I found that most meetings ended in someone selling snake oil or talking about health food or free cell phones,ect.
    Anyway I am still looking for a prepper group and want to acknowledge how lucky you are to have this property rights group with a steady , stay the course attitude and superior leadership.

  8. garland fitzhugh says:

    Well the PRC makes it easy to find the rep, sen., and gov. of this state and access their e-mail address.
    I have tried on occassion to send e-mail to them, guess what each time I want to send e-mail to one of them, I always have a message,
    This is about how we would expect to get treated from a bunch of little demogogs who act like little kings and royalty. Want to send a complaint, here’s the address, only problem the messages won’t go through, how handy.
    Anyone else notice this problem?

  9. flyfishman says:

    Does anyone know if the State of MO has contacted Magpul regarding their pending move out of Colo? Love to see them relocate to the Ozarks! I was at the Firearms Freedom Symposium and they had mentioned some one was donating a 20 year land lease if a gun mfg. moved here. This would be an awesome opportunity to bring much needed employment to our wonderful area.

  10. garland albert says:

    I would like to hear if anyone thinks it a good idea to petition the good congress people to restrict the use of passports for Mr. Ben Bernanke and Mr. Timothy Geithner. Their potential exit from the United States should be delayed until such time as it has been determined that they did no harm to the American people through any deceitful acts. After that they are free to go, until then we need them in our reach.

  11. garland albert says:

    made the mistake of turning on the TV and there in D.C. thousands of people in the streets I guess making a point about same sex marriage. I didn’t know there so many people that had time on their hands. There must be some gov. boys handing out money , just like they’re doing in Syria , Libya, and some other crap wad countries across the water.
    Oh hey, how long before McCaskill comes out supporting marriage to a goat or how about marriage to your cow.
    Let’s keep it simple and only allow marriage to your dog or cat, at least they’re house broke, unlike Claire.
    Beam me up Scotty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. garland albert says:

    did I read about McCaskill promoting those real ID retinal scans?
    I suppose now that she has here nose up everyone’s business she will want a new ID test for same sex marriage, the RECTAL SCAN!

  13. garland albert says:

    At last nights meeting, suggestions were asked for about the situation with Nathan, here are my ideas.

    Let’s prepare a letter asking this Mtn. Grove officer to resign, on his own , give him, the chief, the mayor, city council copies.

    Gather as many people as possible tomorrow with simple art paper and 3/4 x 11/2 ” board signs with something like : ( I am using John Doe as the officers name)


    take these simple signs and march around the police dept., wal-mart, the square. If available a little hay wagon with people pulled by pickup or horses would be nice.

    then let’s send all the letters we can to officer Doe house saying YOU ARE FIRED!
    Send letters to the mayor and police dept. also.

  14. garland albert says:

    I missed the notice on the meeting april 2 , was it posted before that day?

  15. Heywood says:

    I heard a guy call in to Alex Jones this morning and he said at this website there was a poster of an old American patriot with a AK47……where is it? I don’t see it anywhere on this website

  16. Heywood says:

    I found the poster…..it looks more like a Cowboy with an AK47…LOL…GREAT website….we need more like it

  17. garland albert says:

    they had dogs, helos, 9,000 police ,
    so you won’t need a gun , they will protect you

  18. Bill Gracy says:

    For Doreen,

    I’m the Treasurer with the Barry County Chapter of OPRC. I spoke to Eric Vimont & Paul Bingham concerning the White River Watershed National Blueway. It’s a giant property rights grab by the Depts of Interior, Agriculture, & Corps of Engineers affecting 12 Counties in Southern MO & 75 Counties in Ark. I’d like to send you some info on this for your members & ask for contact info for other OPRC Chapters/Tea Parties in the affected Counties.

    We have only one month to stop this National Blueway designation in its tracks. An Arkansas organization named “Secure Arkansas” (http://arkansas.securetherepublic.com/main/) is leading the charge on this.


    Bill Gracy

  19. This is an awesome site. We also can use twitter by crowd sourcing if everyone includes in their tweets #noblueway . We can find our cohort and we can find them. ALSO, There is a meetup.com formed so everyone in all 60 counties can know what each other is doing go http://www.meetup.com/NoWay-BluewayMOARK . Hope this helps.

  20. paytriotsoul says:

    Nixon vetoed it, because of the attempt now being made to merge the city with the county. The whole state,like others, is under attack to super speedup Agenda 21 with Obama’s blessing and “Green” concerns that will make them LOTS of money and give them tons of power over our lives and property.


    hearing Date: August 28th
    Time: 12:30pm to 6:00pm
    Location: St. Louis County Council Chamber
    41 S Central Ave.
    Clayton, MO 63105

    Witness forms: http://www.libertytools.org/LibertyTools/witness/witness2.php?template=30

    • paytriotsoul says:

      This is in reference to Agenda 21 legislation vetoed by Nixon. The blog would not let me post, so I will here. THIS IS IMPORTANT for the whole state. They are now trying to merge large sections!
      Please act on this with witness forms or attend August 28!
      Also: Jessica Petrie at Rep. Sue Allen’s office suggested that anyone who wishes to speak should sign up in advance by sending an email to jessica.petrie@house.mo.gov
      This way you will be on a list of the first people to speak and will be free to leave as soon as you have spoken to the committee.

  21. John says:

    Ok, I got it we are sunk. Is there a law I can take to my city counsel to get passed to put road blocks or stop this stuff? Sedgwick, Main is First city to “Enact Free Food Trade” They are staring. I am going to take that law and get it implemented were I live.

  22. Jacquelyn says:

    Reed bed technology has a low price of entry and minimal daily functional and upkeep costs.

    Reed beds present sludge dewatering by plant consumption, evapotranspiration, and drainage.
    In fact, there would be plenty of surplus water to irrigate the garden or sell to other consumers.

  23. Gwen Reese says:

    I am stream team leader 4884 Missouri questioning the secrecy surrounding the new state park at Camp Zoe. The plan is to build upscale hotel and cabins on the land taken from Jim Tibeau through a federal forfeiture. Tibeau told me in 2006 that he welcomed the state patrol’s help in keeping Zoe drug-free, and yet they stole his 336 acres and sold it to Missouri DNR. Our Missouri Constitution prohibits estate forfeiture. At this point, the entire hillside of Camp Zoe has been graded allowing sludge run-off into Sinking Creek? A major paved highway through the forest seems to be in progress. Bill Bryan, Director of Parks states that they have been seeking the land for years. Tibeau lost his…will yours be next?

  24. I was wondering if this group would know where I should go. Or who I could get a hold of. We have 22 acres in Pleasant Hope Mo. And are have problems with the City. We have been fighting for 2 years now and have all our money invested after we was told it was ok to have cattle. Now they have taken the right away again.

  25. garland albert says:

    I am glad to see your group turn the corner to preparedness and recognize the threats at hand, which have to be crushed. The group I have attended in Springfield for about 6 years has finally shed it’s delusional leader and re-routed our efforts to preparedness, maybe it’s something in the water. I recommend you watch for anyone in your group that is really just a provocateur. They will be sweet talking demonic self-centered self-serving. Another group in springfield will be forming soon and i plan to bring those leaders to you and hope all can work together.

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