MO Government Contacts

While we have a difficult time recommending anyone continue to try to drive the concrete post into the ground with their head as a hammer, we do highly recommend staying in contact with your State representatives. There are also times when we must contact the administrative heads in Missouri, so we have designed this “Easy Button” to make it a more enjoyable experience for you!

The main site for Missouri State Government is You can get there by clicking on this link.

To contact your Representative, you can use this link.

To contact your State Senator, use this link. (Please note that this list is for 2012, when the 2013 list is up, it will be linked)

The Governor’s site is here.

The Lieutenant Governor’s is here.

Attorney General’s Office is here.

Less likely to need contacting on general issues of regulation or legislation, but still necessary from time to time, are the State Auditor’s Office, State Treasurer’s Office, and Secretary of State. The Secretary of State site is likely to be of most concern for ballot initiatives, election results and many important documents.

  1. Wayne Griswold says:

    2013 Missouri Senator’s list:

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