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Things are incredibly tense as we approach the January 20th Inauguration. Not only do we have a group that is apparently funded by Soros openly organizing to disrupt the Inauguration, but we have the US Senate ignoring the content of the Wikileaks email dumps and instead, calling for aggression against Russia for those emails.

In a nutshell, Clinton’s illegal server, and John Podesta’s gmail account, as well as the DNC emails, were harvested and reveal tremendous amounts of illegal and frighteningly bizarre correspondence. According to Julian Assange, the emails were given to them by people within the US, and have no link to Russia.

The contents of the email dumps reveal enough bizarre communiques to immediately investigate an apparent international pedophilia ring. Also, Clinton’s emails indicate complicity in illegal arms deals and serious financial improprieties. But the Senate doesn’t want to talk about those things, just about the questionable involvement of Russia in getting these emails.

In hopes of putting the Hawthorne Principal into effect (where talking about some perceived course causes that course to be derailed) I am going to state that it looks like the entrenched power structure of our US Federal Government would rather start a war with Russia than face a thorough and unflinching investigation of the contents of the Wikileaks email dumps. And it also looks like they will not even address blatantly illegal plans to disrupt the Presidential Inauguration.

Folks, we are in very dangerous times here. Please do all you can to be as prepared as you can be for any and everything. And we certainly hope that nothing happens and we have a peaceful transition from the Obama Administration to the Trump Administration.

Please read the Washington Post article with Senators Graham and McCain’s comments below.

Top U.S. intelligence official: Russia meddled in 2016 election through hacking and spreading of propaganda

“To those of you who want to throw rocks, you’re going to get a chance here soon, and if we don’t throw rocks, we’re going to make a huge mistake,” Graham said. “Ladies and gentlemen, it is time now not to throw pebbles, but to throw rocks.”

Clapper also called for a more aggressive counter-propaganda effort. “We could do with having a USIA on steroids,” he said, referring to the U.S. Information Agency.

McCain, who has been critical of the Obama administration’s responses to cyber-provocations by foreign nations such as China and Russia, pressed Clapper on whether the campaign meddling was an attack on the United States and an “act of war.”….(Full Story Here)

As most of you know, we at PRC are long on documentation. We have a firm belief that things are bad enough and we don’t have to make anything up. With those tenets in mind, I am going to tell you some rumors that have been circulating in our neck of the Ozarks for several months. Bob and I have not seen these things ourselves, but we have heard them from different sources and the reports are increasing… and increasingly disconcerting.

What we have heard began crossing our paths last fall. The earliest reports began near the end of August 2015. The latest reports came to us in the past couple of weeks. I can’t stress enough that we have not directly seen this, but the actions and plans of radical Islam are well documented and ongoing. Since that is the truth, at this point, we have a duty to tell you what has been being said so that you may be forewarned and prepared for what may come sometime soon. Please go to John Guandolo’s Understanding The Threat website and read his research and the solutions he sets forth. Guandolo was the architect of the first FBI Counterrorism Training Program. The site contains important information with very serious ramifications if we fail to understand what we are facing.

The first thing we heard about was a report out of Oklahoma that there were two buses with DHS vehicle escorts and the buses were filled with Middle Eastern looking men and stopped at a truck stop south of OKC. It was difficult to substantiate those reports, and Snopes says that the story about buses in Oklahoma is “unsubstantiated”, but I asked someone who works for a transport company to ask some drivers if they had seen anything like that while on the road. One driver reported the same scenario at two different truck stops in the state of Illinois.  One of the truck stops where this was noted was near Peoria, IL, and I cannot recall the name of the other city in Illinois. Since this was work, a full investigation and querying of all drivers was not done. But we have the same report from a reportedly trustworthy individual with no other leading information given than, “Did you see any buses with what looked like Middle Eastern guys while you were out?”

Then there was the Bagnell Dam report here in Missouri. Also, the theft of propane cylinders, and those have never been recovered, and the discovery of a cache of explosives near Ft Leonard Wood, along with the incredible amount of cell phones purchased by Middle Eastern men at Wal-Mart stores throughout Missouri. Additionally, there was middle eastern looking man caught on a game camera in central Missouri. These have all been substantiated by main stream news and no further information has been forthcoming about whatever investigation may be taking place regarding the cell phones or propane tanks.

Now on to the things being said that are not reported in the media, although there seems to be some corroborating reports from elsewhere on these issues.

It is reported that planes have landed at Ft Leonard Wood loaded with apparent refugees from Syria. It has been stated that these refugees are given a credit card with about $10,000 dollars on it and then sent on their way to whatever destination they may have. The number of refugees is pretty staggering. We have heard “about 2000” total have come in this way. We do not know whether or not these refugees are related to the reported number of 29 refugees resettled in St Louis. The article states that they are looking to resettle as many as 60,000 Syrians in St Louis.

It is also reported that law enforcement has been instructed to basically stand down on any stopping or investigative inquiries into potential Islamic individuals. We know that since the late 1980’s there have been numerous Muslim Training Centers in rural areas across the US. Now there have been reports of Muslim training camps in Udall, Bakersfield and possibly near Mountain View and Summersville as well. The two near Udall and Bakersfield were reported to have had large explosions heard by nearby residents and no investigation has evidently been conducted regarding the reported explosions.

On the positive side of things, when I heard a report of a few agitated Middle Eastern men purchasing a suitcase in nearby Mountain Grove, I contacted someone on the police force there and they did investigate the report and discovered that the agitation was linked to language barrier issues and the men were actually known by an employee of the store in question. So, if police or other law enforcement have been instructed to stand down, it doesn’t appear that the memo has reached everyone in that occupation.

In conclusion, we want to be certain that everyone understands that we in the PRC are not interested in judging people on their skin color or their ethnicity. We don’t want to judge people on their religious affiliation either, as we are certain that there are Muslims who prefer to live peaceably as well. However, radical Islam will kill the peaceful Muslims just as quickly as the rest of us.

We want to live peaceably and want to encourage others to live peaceably. We also recognize that there are actual enemies of freedom and decency, and to let our desire for peace blind us to reality is not only irresponsible, but damnable. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. We feel that we have a definite obligation to let others know what has reportedly been happening right here in the Ozarks.

If you feel that same obligation, please pass this on, and do visit John Guandolo’s site and be certain to read the “What can I do?” link.



Preppers and Patriots Expo Coming to Mountain Home
 Preppers and Patriots Expo will occur May 30, 31 in Mountain Home, Arkansas.
 Numerous speakers and experts in their fields will be sharing information with attendees at the Expo.
Among these experts will be Dr. Jim Cesar of Branson, Mo. Dr. Cesar will be teaching suturing at  the Preppers and Patriots Expo in Mountain Home, Arkansas, according to event organizer Mike Slack.
“Dr. Cesar is a physician with a great deal of experience and we are pleased to have him share his knowledge with us. Additionally Dawn McPherson of Thayer, Mo. will discuss home remedy antibiotics and medicines that can be made from items in your kitchen or growing in your yard or garden” Slack said.
Other speakers will include Dave Lohr on survival in the wilderness, Tim Starks on personal protection, John Moore on preparedness and climate change, Mike Knocks of White Harvest Seeds on GMO vs. heirlooms, and many others.
The Preppers and Patriots Expo is a two day event from 9 am to 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday, May 30,. 31 Admission is $15 for the entire weekend or $12 for advance tickets.  Call 417-264-2435 or go to for more information.”

Seems like this kind of behavior might lead to banks having trouble keeping deposits. This article is horrifying and causes one to wonder what country we actually live in now:

Law Lets I.R.S. Seize Accounts on Suspicion, No Crime Required


Carole Hinders at her modest, cash-only Mexican restaurant in Arnolds Park, Iowa. Last year tax agents seized her 


ARNOLDS PARK, Iowa — For almost 40 years, Carole Hinders has dished out Mexican specialties at her modest cash-only restaurant. For just as long, she deposited the earnings at a small bank branch a block away — until last year, when two tax agents knocked on her door and informed her that they had seized her checking account, almost $33,000.

The Internal Revenue Service agents did not accuse Ms. Hinders of money laundering or cheating on her taxes — in fact, she has not been charged with any crime. Instead, the money was seized solely because she had deposited less than $10,000 at a time, which they viewed as an attempt to avoid triggering a required government report.

“How can this happen?” Ms. Hinders said in a recent interview. “Who takes your money before they prove that you’ve done anything wrong with it?”

The federal government does.

Using a law designed to catch drug traffickers, racketeers and terrorists by tracking their cash, the government has gone after run-of-the-mill business owners and wage earners without so much as an allegation that they have committed serious crimes. The government can take the money without ever filing a criminal complaint, and the owners are left to prove they are innocent. Many give up.


The I.R.S. seized almost $33,000 from Ms. Hinders. CreditAngela Jimenez for The New York Times

“They’re going after people who are really not criminals,” said David Smith, a former federal prosecutor who is now a forfeiture expert and lawyer in Virginia. “They’re middle-class citizens who have never had any trouble with the law.”

On Thursday, in response to questions from The New York Times, the I.R.S. announced that it would curtail the practice, focusing instead on cases where the money is believed to have been acquired illegally or seizure is deemed justified by “exceptional circumstances.”

Richard Weber, the chief of Criminal Investigation at the I.R.S., said in a written statement, “This policy update will ensure that C.I. continues to focus our limited investigative resources on identifying and investigating violations within our jurisdiction that closely align with C.I.’s mission and key priorities.” He added that making deposits under $10,000 to evade reporting requirements, called structuring, is still a crime whether the money is from legal or illegal sources. The new policy will not apply to past seizures.

The I.R.S. is one of several federal agencies that pursue such cases and then refer them to the Justice Department. The Justice Department does not track the total number of cases pursued, the amount of money seized or how many of the cases were related to other crimes, said Peter Carr, a spokesman.

But the Institute for Justice, a Washington-based public interest law firm that is seeking to reform civil forfeiture practices, analyzed structuring data from the I.R.S., which made 639 seizures in 2012, up from 114 in 2005. Only one in five was prosecuted as a criminal structuring case.

The practice has swept up dairy farmers in Maryland, an Army sergeant in Virginia saving for his children’s college education and Ms. Hinders, 67, who has borrowed money, strained her credit cards and taken out a second mortgage to keep her restaurant going.

Their money was seized under an increasingly controversial area of law known as civil asset forfeiture, which allows law enforcement agents to take property they suspect of being tied to crime even if no criminal charges are filed. Law enforcement agencies get to keep a share of whatever is forfeited.

Critics say this incentive has led to the creation of a law enforcement dragnet, with more than 100 multiagency task forces combing through bank reports, looking for accounts to seize. Under the Bank Secrecy Act, banks and other financial institutions must report cash deposits greater than $10,000. But since many criminals are aware of that requirement, banks also are supposed to report any suspicious transactions, including deposit patterns below $10,000. Last year, banks filed more than 700,000 suspicious activity reports. Owners who are caught up in structuring cases often cannot afford to fight. The median amount seized by the I.R.S. was $34,000, according to the Institute for Justice analysis, while legal costs can easily mount to $20,000 or more.

There is nothing illegal about depositing less than $10,000cash unless it is done specifically to evade the reporting requirement. But often a mere bank statement is enough for investigators to obtain a seizure warrant. In one Long Island case, the police submitted almost a year’s worth of daily deposits by a business, ranging from $5,550 to $9,910. The officer wrote in his warrant affidavit that based on his training and experience, the pattern “is consistent with structuring.” The government seized $447,000 from the business, a cash-intensive candy and cigarette distributor that has been run by one family for 27 years.

There are often legitimate business reasons for keeping deposits below $10,000, said Larry Salzman, a lawyer with the Institute for Justice who is representing Ms. Hinders and the Long Island family pro bono. For example, he said, a grocery store owner in Fraser, Mich., had an insurance policy that covered only up to $10,000 cash. When he neared the limit, he would make a deposit.

Ms. Hinders said that she did not know about the reporting requirement and that for decades, she thought she had been doing everyone a favor.


Jeff Hirsch, an owner of Bi-County Distributors on Long Island. The government seized $447,000 from the business, a candy and cigarette distributor run by one family for 27 years.CreditBryan Thomas for The New York Times

“My mom had told me if you keep your deposits under $10,000, the bank avoids paperwork,” she said. “I didn’t actually think it had anything to do with the I.R.S.”

In May 2012, the bank branch Ms. Hinders used was acquired by Northwest Banker. JoLynn Van Steenwyk, the fraud and security manager for Northwest, said she could not discuss individual clients, but explained that the bank did not have access to past account histories after it acquired Ms. Hinders’s branch.

Banks are not permitted to advise customers that their deposit habits may be illegal or educate them about structuring unless they ask, in which case they are given a federal pamphlet, Ms. Van Steenwyk said. “We’re not allowed to tell them anything,” she said.

Still lawyers say it is not unusual for depositors to be advised by financial professionals, or even bank tellers, to keep their deposits below the reporting threshold. In the Long Island case, the company, Bi-County Distributors, had three bank accounts closed because of the paperwork burden of its frequent cash deposits, said Jeff Hirsch, the eldest of three brothers who own the company. Their accountant then recommended staying below the limit, so for more than a decade the company had been using its excess cash to pay vendors.

More than two years ago, the government seized $447,000, and the brothers have been unable to retrieve it. Mr. Salzman, who has taken over legal representation of the brothers, has argued that prosecutors violated a strict timeline laid out in the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act, passed in 2000 to curb abuses. The office of the federal attorney for the Eastern District of New York said the law’s timeline did not apply in this case. Still, prosecutors asked the Hirsch’s first lawyer, Joseph Potashnik, to waive the CARFA timeline. The waiver he signed expired almost two years ago.

The federal attorney’s office said that parties often voluntarily negotiated to avoid going to court, and that Mr. Potashnik had been engaged in talks until just a few months ago. But Mr. Potashnik said he had spent that time trying, to no avail, to show that the brothers were innocent. They even paid a forensic accounting firm $25,000 to check the books.

“I don’t think they’re really interested in anything,” Mr. Potashnik said of the prosecutors. “They just want the money.”

Bi-County has survived only because longtime vendors have extended credit — one is owed almost $300,000, Mr. Hirsch said. Twice, the government has made settlement offers that would require the brothers to give up an “excessive” portion of the money, according to a new court filing.

“We’re just hanging on as a family here,” Mr. Hirsch said. “We weren’t going to take a settlement, because I was not guilty.”

Army Sgt. Jeff Cortazzo of Arlington, Va., began saving for his daughters’ college costs during the financial crisis, when many banks were failing. He stored cash first in his basement and then in a safe-deposit box. All of the money came from paychecks, he said, but he worried that when he deposited it in a bank, he would be forced to pay taxes on the money again. So he asked the bank teller what to do.

“She said: ‘Oh, that’s easy. You just have to deposit less than $10,000.’”

The government seized $66,000; settling cost Sergeant Cortazzo $21,000. As a result, the eldest of his three daughters had to delay college by a year.

“Why didn’t the teller tell me that was illegal?” he said. “I would have just plopped the whole thing in the account and been done with it.”


Preppers Going Mainstream

Posted: October 17, 2014 in Preparedness

Good article follows. Click on the title for the original:

Apocalypse Now: Preppers Are Gearing Up for Ebola

It’s showtime for the Doomsday set. As the lethal virus crosses America’s doorstep, prep kits and gas masks are flying off shelves and fringe survivalists are going mainstream.
Jason Charles knows the exact moment he will lead his wife and five kids out of their Harlem home, pile into a car, and take off for the wilderness. It will be not long after Ebola reaches the population of New York City, hospitals overflow, and looting begins—when the first riots break out on the streets of Manhattan.

“Right now it isn’t bad, but if the first case happens in New York, you start hearing about hundreds or thousands of people getting sick and it shotguns through the city, then you want to start getting your plan together to leave,” says the 37-year-old fireman and dedicated prepper. When that happens, he says, “it’s a free fall, that’s the system breaking down.”

But the moment of evacuation is delicate. Skipping work, pulling the kids out of school—all of these decisions have lasting consequences. “If you leave too early, you look like an idiot; if you leave too late, you could be dead,” Charles says.

Nationally, the number of Americans concerned that Ebola will shoot through the population is skyrocketing. According to a Wednesday poll by the Harvard School of Public Health, 52 percent of Americans surveyed said they believe the country will experience a large outbreak in the coming year, while 38 percent said they believed they or a family member would be infected. To be sure, there have been just three cases diagnosed in the U.S.

Many doomsday preppers have spent their lives stocking up for an emergency of the type this contagious hemorrhagic fever presents. Now, they’re gearing up to put their plans into action. Charles says it’s the biggest mobilization the prepper community has seen yet. “This isn’t a local hurricane or tornado or terrorist attack. This is something that has potential to spread nationwide and get ugly,” he says.

At the moment, Charles says he’s trying to keep people calm. He’s been posting Ebola briefings on NYC Preppers Network, the local branch of a national movement of survivalists that he organizes. In the past week, his group has grown in membership by more than 20 members—a notable bump for the circle of 300-some survivalists in the nation’s most densely populated metropolis. At some point, Charles says he believes there won’t be any saving the Big Apple: “The city’s going to burn if it comes down to it.”

With doubts about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s capacity to handle such an epidemic, some people are taking matters into their own hands. On Thursday, members of the House of Representatives expressed outrage over the handling of cases so far, particularly during a grilling about how two nurses were infected with Ebola and why one of them was allowed on a commercial airline. As the news cycle on Ebola begins to bear closer resemblance to the 1995 movie Outbreak, the paranoid and the prepared are following similar cues.

“If you make exceptions, you might as well go wrestle with runny-nosed strangers at the local Wal-Mart and then come home and hug your children, because it’s the same thing.”

Last month, Charles convened a meeting for NYC members specifically to go over Ebola precautions. The most important thing, he told attendees, is to boost the immune system with essential oils and constant hand-washing and sanitation. Along with, of course, stockpiling medical supplies and food, as you would for any emergency.

And people are listening. In the past week, preppers-turned-entrepreneurs Fabian Illanes and Roman Zrazhevskiy say they have seen sales of gas masks and their harrowing-sounding NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) kits skyrocket. “Tripled is probably an understatement,” Illanes says. Their company, Ready to Go Survival, sells prepacked survival, or “bug out,” bags and kits. As fears of Ebola grow, they’ve been filling $1,000 orders of gas masks for whole families.

Illanes, who recently moved to Texas from New York, says he imagines a time when Manhattan might shut down all access into and out of the city. “If I’m in a car with my family and each of us has gloves, masks, and bodysuits, and there’s a regular family in a car next to us—who do you think the people controlling borders are going to feel more comfortable letting through?” he asks.

In response to the calls they’ve been receiving, they’re putting together a “pandemic kit” that will provide quick full-body protection and will go on sale late next week.

“It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it,” Zrazhevskiy asserts.

On Doom and Bloom, a prepper blog and online store, concerned citizens canpurchase a $59.99 “Deluxe Ebola Pandemic Kit” that includes goggles, coveralls, masks, and biohazard bags.

The website is run by Joe Alton, a retired OB-GYN and fellow at the American College of Surgeons, and his wife, Amy, a nurse. They’re the authors of The Survival Medicine Handbook, a guide for post-apocalyptic wellness.

On Thursday morning, Joe flew from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, to Texas—home to America’s three Ebola cases—to talk prepping on Glenn Beck’s television show. On his way there, he said he was more careful than usual, wiping down the plane’s seat armrests with bleach wipes for the first time ever, and scrubbing his hands with strong sanitizer half a dozen times.

There are some fanatics in what Alton calls the “preparedness community,” but when it comes to Ebola, he’s tempered, saying it’s unlikely the virus will hit communities in the U.S. much more widely.

Online, the more sensational prepper sites are publishing Ebola guide after Ebola guide. When it hits your city, be ready to lockdown your house and banish outside family members, they seem to suggest. On Organic Prepper, lockdownguidelines are so severe they include segregating family members for one-month periods before interaction. “I know this sounds harsh, but there are to be no exceptions,” it says. “If you make exceptions, you might as well go wrestle with runny-nosed strangers at the local Wal-Mart and then come home and hug your children, because it’s the same thing.”

But the benefit of a slow-moving virus like Ebola, Joe Alton says, is there will be a warning, just like a hurricane, and time to get ready. At home, the Altons have been outfitting a designated “sick room,” for the possibility of a family member coming down with something, most likely influenza, but perhaps Ebola. He chose a corner spare room with good ventilation, and put aside a spare set of sheets and silverware, just in case.

“There’s no harm for everyone in the general public to prepare for disaster,” he says. “We should plan that room out and designate which it’s going to be, but that doesn’t necessarily mean if I visited your house it would look like an intensive-care unit.”

Right now, the ratio of preppers to regular Americans is dramatic: Joe cites 3 percent as the accepted number. A few months of Ebola fear could give the community a bump. “We’re not going to see millions of people in audition calls for [National Geographic Channel show] Doomsday Preppers, but I’m hoping 3 percent one day gets to 4 percent,” he says.

“As long as we’re prepared and have plan of action, we’re going to keep it together even if everything else falls apart.”


DHS Asking Businesses to Turn Over Info on “Prepper” Customers

This week, yet another sign the police state is rapidly advancing popped up in New York.

All across the state people are being asked to snitch on their neighbors in exchange for a $500 reward.

New York State DHS officials have reportedly distributed flyers to local businesses that advise owners as well as private citizens to call a hotline to report any “suspicious” activity.

Take a look and see for yourself in the video below:

This new action is part of the new “See Something, Say Something” campaign, in which people are asked to call The New York State Terrorism Tips Line, 1-866 SAFE NYS, to report suspicious activity.

According to Safeguard New York, suspicious activity could be described as anyone buying:

  • MRES
  • High capacity magazines
  • Flashlights
  • Weatherproof ammunition
  • Gas masks
  • Even match containers

Since the hotline is remarkably similar to the SAFE ACT hotline (which corresponds with legislation that bans the ownership of high capacity magazines and a variety of semi-automatic weapons in the state of NY) some believe this latest effort might be a backdoor method for getting people to rat out gun owners.

This isn’t necessarily a new tactic for either the DHS or the FBI.

Reports going back all the way to 2012 reveal that people who are gathering long-term food supplies have been regularly labeled as “domestic terrorists.”

In fact, it’s been widely reported that the FBI is quick to label anyone who buys survival supplies, or even pays in cash, as potential domestic terrorists.

Though business owners have the right to take down the flyers, it isn’t a stretch to see how actions like this are consistently advancing the police state.

In fact, as reported by Infowars:

A National Guard whistleblower warned soldiers were being trained that in the event of civil unrest breaking out, “Doomsday preppers will be treated as terrorists.”

Government animosity toward normal people who are preparing for disaster is becoming more and more consistent. Unless something changes, I expect this trend will continue.

Don’t be scared. Be prepared.
-Survival Joe

Mountain Grove PRC will be meeting April 24th at ConnXtions Entertainment on Business 60 in Mountain Grove.

The meeting will begin promptly at 7pm Thursday night and end at 9pm. We must leave the building as quickly as possible because ConnXtions closes their doors at 9:30 and we must respect their needs as well!

Bob Parker will be running the meeting and topics will include things Bob has recently learned on the Real ID Biometric issue as well as current state legislative updates and issues regarding the expansion of Agenda 21 under land acquisition and control measures.

Kevin Jost, of the Commonsense PRC is going to try to come to cover what one should and should not do if stopped by Police. Kevin is a long term law enforcement veteran and understands these issues much better than most!

Please come before 6pm and enjoy the great restaurant at ConnXtions. If you can’t get your meal in before the meeting, you can order it to go and eat it in the meeting room while you learn about the latest issues affecting private property rights!

Look forward to seeing you there!