Private Contractor War?

Posted: August 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

I’ve included an excerpt from the article below. Evidently, there is some consideration of having “private contractors” take over the ‘war’ in Afghanistan. It seems unbelievable, but we’re basically talking about sanctioning mercenaries and funding them to conduct the actions of the US federal government.

Truth is definitely stranger than fiction:

Trump White House weighs unprecedented plan to privatize much of the war in Afghanistan

Erik Prince is a former Navy SEAL officer and founder

Eric Prince, founder of Blackwater/XE

The White House is actively considering a bold plan to turn over a big chunk of the U.S. war in Afghanistan to private contractors in an effort to turn the tide in a stalemated war, according to the former head of a security firm pushing the project.

Under the proposal, 5,500 private contractors, primarily former Special Operations troops, would advise Afghan combat forces. The plan also includes a 90-plane private air force that would provide air support in the nearly 16-year-old war against Taliban insurgents, Erik Prince, founder of the Blackwater security firm, told USA TODAY.

The unprecedented proposal comes as the U.S.-backed Afghan military faces a stalemate in the war and growing frustration by President Trump about the lack of progress in the war.

The U.S. military has 8,400 U.S. troops there to train and guide local forces. They do not have a direct combat role, and presumably would be replaced gradually by the contractors.

  1. historyofwhores says:

    I saw a full  interview with Eric Prince, founder of Blackwater, and author of this plan. The article cited here is telling only a portion of the story. If Prince is accurate, and I actually believe him here it is not taking over the war, but an effort to streamline and actually be quick and productive, which the war in Afghanistan was during the first year but has not been for the past 16. During the first year about 300 CIA field officers and about the same number of US Army Special Forces, Green Berets, managed Afghan partisans and directed US air power. It was the most effective war in our history, but was  then totally screwed up by W. Bush when he ignored Afganistan and the real threat of Al Queda to go after Iraq. I have limited inside knowledge of Blackwater, DynCorp and Triple Canapy operations from clients I’ve worked for including the State Department official who headed the Diplomatic Security Service and played a role in hiring contractors for security.  Remember that more than 80 percent of the contractors hired are Americans, from all branches of our services. Many of the remaining 20 percent are British, Austalian, New Zealander or Canadian Army veterans with a sprinkling of German, French, South African and Dutch Army and Marine vets.  Blackwater got a bad name, which I always believed was undeserved, due to reporting from the Clinton News Network. Fake news. Mercenaries, when fighting for the right cause, are often called heroes. Remember the Marines Hymn and the ‘shores of Tripoli” part. That was Navy Lt. Stephen Decateur leading 200 US Marines and about 800 hired Notgh AFrican mercenaries. One of the most respected military unites in the world, the French Foreign Legion is in essence a mercenary uni. The Lafayette Escadrel, American pilots who flew for France in World War I was part of the Legion. I don’t consider the mercenary part to be a negative. This plan of Prince’s would use contractors as advisors embedded in Afghan units to provide guidance and training to make them more effective in cleaning up after US Special Ops, Seals, Delta and Rangers do their thing and is the first competence plan I’ve heard of to do what we should have done 16 years ago, destroy the major Islamic terror groups in Afghanistan and let the non-Islamist, non terrorist Afghan forces (I didn’t say good guys, just less bad and not trying to kill us) mop up and take control with fewer American Canadian Brit and other NATO lives lost. Its an attempt to stop acting like a chicken with his head cut off, be effective, kill a bunch of terrorists and get he hell  out WITHOUT leaving a power vacuum like we did when the Soviets left. Happy to talk more aboutthis as it is getting a bad rap. I should in the next couple of days have info on speakers for the next four or five months. One month Dave Lohr has agreed to do a hands on demonstraton of some of the things he’s talked about. For instance actually making parched corn, pemeican and dehyrated eggs for us, along with samples to eat. The corn will be non GMO. Six bucks for 50 pounds from Myrtle feed, a bargain.

     Michael Don Slack, CPRW Certified Professional Resume Writer More than 25 years experience, more than 20,000 happy, employed clients 417-264-2435

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  2. That’s what criminal governments do when they wage criminal, unconstitutional, and unpopular wars….. hire mercenaries.

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