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Ozarks  Property Rights Coalition Meets June 22,  7  pm at El Rancho in Cabool with author and preparedness expert Francine Franck.
The Ozarks Property Rights Coalition will meet  Thursday  June 22,  at 7 pm at the El Rancho Restaurant on highway 60 according to co-chair Bob Parker.  The speaker of the evening will be Francine Franck of Mountain View on the topic “Lessons In Preparedness Learned from the Recent Floods.” Francine and her husband Donald are authors of several books including a series of novels about life after an EMP in the Ozarks. She is very knowledgeable in homesteading, preparedness and survival.
Those attending are encouraged to come early to enjoy the buffet and  visit. For more information call 417-264-2435.
Commonsense  Property Rights Coalition Meets   June 5,   6 pm

Fred’s Fish House in Mammoth

VA Whistle Blower To Speak, Answer Questions
The Commonsense Property Rights Coalition will meet Monday June 5  at 6 pm according to co-chairman Kevin Jotz.  The special guest of the evening will be Dr. Dale Klein, a medical doctor with the Veterans Administration Hospital in Poplar Bluff.
“Dr. Klein is a whistle blower, one of those brave people who pointed out problems in the VA system that have led to neglect of many of our veterans and has even led to the death of some veterans. As a pain specialist MD he has dedicated his life to helping patients, and he is being punished by the VA for his efforts to help veterans. Dr. Klein came to our attention when he appeared on the Fox News Channel on the show Tucker Carlson Tonight. He will fill us in on the problems he has experienced, ways to fix the VA and how the care of many veterans has been neglected both in Missouri and across the nation.”
“Dr. Klein was originally scheduled for the May meeting and was unable to attend due to flooding and closing of bridges. Since the original schedule the VA attempted to terminate him employment using a legal loophole. When this was discovered local veterans announced a ralley across from the VA hospital in Poplar Bluff, which was held with 70 veterans attending and marching despite the heavy rains. The event was also attended by whistleblowers from Chicago, Phoenix, Houston Texas and Shreveport, sharing their stories and holding a public press conference.  The conference was also attended by 12 Poplar Bluff VA employees during their lunch hour and covered by three television stations, two newspapers and local radio. As a result the newly appointed Secretary of the  Veterans Administration, nominated by President Trump and recently confirmed by the Senate, called the administration of the hospital and ended the effort to fire Dr. Klein for the moment.”
Those attending are encouraged to come early to eat and  visit. For more information call 417-264-2435.