Ozarks Property Rights Coalition Meets May 25, 7 pm at El Rancho in Cabool

Posted: May 23, 2017 in Meetings
Ozarks  Property Rights Coalition Meets May 25,  7  pm at El Rancho in Cabool with Preparedness Expert Tony Piche
The Ozarks Property Rights Coalition will meet  Thursday  May 25  at 7 pm at the El Rancho Restaurant on highway 60 according to co-chair Bob Parker.  The speaker of the evening will be Tony Piche of Springfield, an expert in disaster preparedness. Piche is co-owner of Down to Earth Foods, a frequent speaker at area conferences, and highly skilled in  homesteading, preparedness and survival.
Piche and his wife are American citizens who immigrated years ago from South Africa and Rhodesia who witnessed many of the terrorism incidents and wars in the area. He learned a great deal  in that experience he wants to share, concentrating on the preparedness mindset, a way of thinking that leads to survival. He also wants to share similarities he notices between the situation in South Africa in the 1970’s and 1980’s and the US today. He emphasizes that preparedness is good insurance for many potential disasters including tornadoes, earthquakes, local crime, ice storms, and other potential problems.
Those attending are encouraged to come early to enjoy the buffet and  visit. For more information call 417-264-2435.

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