Commonsense PRC to Meet May 1st

Posted: April 24, 2017 in Meetings
The Commonsense Property Rights Coalition will meet Monday May 1  at 6 pm according to co-chairman Kevin Jotz.  The special guest of the evening will be Dr. Dale Klein, a medical doctor with the Veterans Administration Hospital in Poplar Bluff.
“Dr. Klein is a whistle blower, one of those brave people who pointed out problems in the VA system that have led to neglect of many of our veterans and has even led to the death of some veterans. As a pain specialist MD he has dedicated his life to helping patients, and he is being punished by the VA for his efforts to help veterans. Dr. Klein came to our attention when he appeared on the Fox News Channel on the show Tucker Carlson Tonight. He will fill us in on the problems he has experienced, ways to fix the VA and how the care of many veterans has been neglected both in Missouri and across the nation.”
Those attending are encouraged to come early to eat and  visit. For more information call 417-264-2435.
  1. We seem to be going about this the wrong way….

    The last time that congress declared war was December 8, 1941.
    The vast majority of the people that you are talking about did some very strange things.
    First of all they (or they should have IMHO) sworn an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States. Then they immateriality trampled that document. No ambiguity here at all.

    There is also the not so small matter that wars of aggression, and the use of depleted uranium are war crimes. No ambiguity here at all either.

    Would it not make MUCH more sense would be to to educate our youth in places other than government indoctrination centers. Educate them somewhere that they learn to respect and follow the Constitution and International laws against war crimes. Our your are demonstrably NOT being taught this.

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