Real ID- Again and Again…

Posted: March 29, 2017 in REAL ID

It is important to know that Missouri Drivers Licenses are ALREADY Real ID compliant if you have renewed your license since 2013. It worked like this….In 2009, Missouri passed a law against Real ID. In 2012, The DMV offices were removing all their “old” photograph equipment and putting in Hi Def digital photograph equipment. You no longer received your new license while at the DMV Bureau, it then was mailed to you. The DMV Bureaus upload the Hi Def picture to a company called Morphos Trust. Morphos Trust is owned by Safran Int’l headquartered in France. Morpho then sends the pic to Safran, who sends it to the IMF, World Bank and Interpol as well as the FBI and any FBI equivalents in other nations that have contracted with Safran.

The Hi Def digital photo is BIOMETRIC and you are now entered into a facial recognition biometric international database.

To fix the fact that agents of the state were violating state law by doing biometric photographs the legislature amended the law to allow the agents of the state to have permission to break the previous law.

So, again, if you have renewed your license or ID since 2012, you are in this international biometric database.

Now, the General Assembly wants to grant blanket authority for biometric ID to agents of the state and be upfront about what they are already doing with your photograph. Hence, the email from Ron Calzone below…More info will come in subsequent posts proving without a shadow of doubt that the State of Missouri is and has been engaging in supplying non-government agencies with your biometric ID:

March 29, 2017 FLASH! HB 151, the terrible REAL ID Capitulation Act, just needs one more vote to pass the House and go on to the Senate. That vote is planned for this week.

Recall that back in 2009 Missouri office holders with some spine passed a law that forbids the Missouri Department of Revenue from participating in the federal REAL ID national ID card program.

They knew that the card is part of an effort to create a comprehensive federal database on all of us – Big Brother wants your number!

About 24 other states also rejected REAL ID.

Federal bullies have been threatening the states in an effort to get them to stand down from protecting their citizens’ privacy; they say they won’t let us on places like military bases and airports with our non-compliant Missouri driver’s license.

Up until this year, Missouri legislators have been standing strong against these threats. This year seems to be the Year of the Wimp, though.


“Choice” that’s not really Choice

Under the guise of “choice”, HB 151 would allow Missourians to choose either a REAL ID compliant drivers’ license or the same old license. The problem is, like any other government program, what starts out as voluntary will end up mandated for all.

And that will eventually mean RFID chips in all of our drivers’ licenses, and THAT means electronic tracking of your coming and going.

“Representation” that’s not really Representation

Not every office holder has wimped out on us. In fact, up until now there was enough resistance to keep the bill from moving to the House floor for full debate, but Tuesday that seems to have changed.

On Tuesday, Representative Elijah Haahr, the Speaker Pro Tem, sent Republican reps an email with suggestion for their end-of-week Capitol Report. One of the items was the announcement that the REAL ID bill has passed, even though that bill has not yet even been up for debate.

It’s not that Haahr is clairvoyant, it’s just that he’s a member of House Leadership, and leadership calls the shots. Yes, most of what happens in the House of Representatives is orchestrated. The man or woman you elected to represent your interests too often will simply go along with leadership instead of defending your constitutional rights.

Yes, they wimp out.

Misconception or Deception?

Trading liberty for security is never the right thing to do, but with REAL ID capitulation, security isn’t even the issue.

It’s convenience.

Supporters of the capitulation bill claim that people are having trouble getting on military bases with their current Missouri drivers’ license, but that claim doesn’t hold up under scrutiny. The truth is military bases have been fully REAL ID compliant since January 2016, and all you need to get on base is your Missouri drivers’ license and another form of ID, like a copy of your birth certificate.

When the fed’s 2018 deadline for REAL ID compliance comes, the same will probably be true for boarding airplanes – all you will need is your drivers’ license and anther form of ID, like a copy of your birth certificate. Read all about it, HERE.

There’s no time to lose, call and email your Missouri state rep now. Tell them not to wimp out and to vote “NO!” on REAL ID:

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