Commonsense PRC to Meet Monday April 3rd

Posted: March 29, 2017 in Uncategorized
The Commonsense Property Rights Coalition will meet Monday April 3 at 6 pm  at Fred’s Fish House according to co-chairman Kevin Jotz.  The special guest of the evening will be Dr. Eric “Rick” Mansfield.  Dr. Mansfield is a retired educator who resides on a small farm in Reynolds County, MO with his wife and dogs.  He has been  a logger, campground manager, facilitator for a Grateful Dead tribute band and canoe hostler in past jobs.  He and his wife now organically garden, raising much of their own food; hunts, fishes and writes.  Rick has a syndicated column—Reflections from the Road– in several local newspapers. 
Dr. Mansfield also runs a Not for Profit—the Ozark Heritage Project—which hosts numerous clean-ups of streams and their riparian borders.  These involve volunteers from families and schools.  Rick is a published author, with his first novel and most recent work—The Elk Killings—now available along with his previous collections of short stories on Amazon and at several local vendors.  Rick is also an accomplished speaker and storyteller, often appearing in historical costume to enlighten and inspire audiences around the Ozarks.  Rick has appeared regularly at both national and state parks, private festivals and in numerous schools.
Dr. Mansfield will present to the PRC  as Nick Walker, ace-reporter for the Missouri Gazette—oldest newspaper in St. Louis.  “Nick” will report live from Shannon County in 1909.  The topic—Politicians, Possums and Parks— will explore the intended role of state government in land preservation and speculate where such governmental intrusion might lead.  At the end of a short and entertaining presentation by the much-celebrated reporter from the 19th and 20th centuries, Rick Mansfield will  field questions as to his perspectives on the state of our park systems today.
“Dr. Mansfield spoke to our sister organization in Cabool last month and several people who missed the presentation called and asked when he would be speaking again, and he has graciously provided another opportunity” Jotz said. “He is an excellent speaker, and in addition to his presentation he discusses the problems with Missouri’s park system including Shannon and Oregon Counties, the elk population in Missouri and potential problems with the Department of Conservation.”
Those attending are encouraged to come early to eat and  visit. For more information call 417-264-2435.

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