Prescribed Cannabis? You Cannot Purchase a Firearm

Posted: January 30, 2017 in Uncategorized

This is something that is becoming a huge issue and it must be addressed. The US government has it’s very own patent on a strain of cannabis, yet the ATF insists that because it is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug (meaning it has NO medicinal value and a high propensity for addiction and abuse- completely false, by the way) so it’s use prevents you from exercising your Second Amendment -guaranteed- right.

I’ve heard people don’t believe this when I tell them that, but now that 28 states have legalized cannabis in some way, one would think the Feds would change their scheduling of cannabis.

Here is an article about it (linked at the end):

ATF makes it clear:
Even legal marijuana
users can’t buy guns

By Gillian Graham. January 27th, 2017

The federal government is stepping up its efforts to keep guns out of the hands marijuana users, even as legal use of the drug is spreading around the country.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives long has prohibited gun and ammunition sales to unlawful users of marijuana, citing a risk of “irrational or unpredictable behavior.” Now, the federal agency has added a warning to Form 4473 making it clear to anyone applying for a permit to buy a gun that marijuana remains illegal under federal law and using it means you cannot buy a gun, despite laws in Maine and a growing number of other states that allow medical and recreational use of the drug.

The new language, added last week to forms filled out by gun buyers in Maine and nationwide, has raised concerns that the government is unfairly denying cannabis users their Second Amendment right to bear arms. And it has renewed calls from medical and recreational marijuana advocates for a change in federal law to catch up with the country’s changing views on marijuana.

Maine is a state with a deep tradition of gun ownership. More than half of Maine adults — 55 percent — surveyed in a Portland Press Herald poll of voters last October said they owned at least one gun. …….

Views on Marijuana vary, but this is a substance that has proven to have genuine medicinal value for some conditions, leaving aside its ‘recreational’ use. It does seem that labeling this as a Schedule I drug is the crux of the problem, which these days could be regarded as outdated and needs changed. If medicinal use of the drug is regarded as presenting a behavioral risk then how come alcohol is not classed the same way – a long abused substance itself! What about legitimate users of pain control medications which often contain Schedule 1 ingredients – these people are not off limits for gun ownership. It’s all about ‘gun control’, again.

  1. I have heard this tale out of Colorado for years. The good news is that because of private gun sales that their tyranny is hard to enforce.

    The root of this, is the 12 years of dumbing down that occurs in the government indoctrination camps. As a result of this brainwashing, Americans do not know their rights. They think that everything is a permission to be granted by our masters in government.

    If Americans knew their rights none of this would be happening. The tyrants in government would either protect our rights or they would be hanged for their treasonous behavior. When government is the prime violator of our rights rather than the protector of our rights, then it is close to the time when killing them until they relent their tyranny becomes an option.

    One thing is clear. That the “system” is designed in their favor, and that we can never win our liberties in the long run by using their “system”..As time goes on fewer an fewer are deluded by the illusion that the system is a viable option for anything. Keep your powder dry. Death is the one thing that tyrants fear.

  2. This is just a continuation of the 1968 gun control act and a dozen other back door gun grabs. It’s a shame that the government school educated population is too damn stupid to see it… If they had ANY sense whatsoever, there would be no gun laws. The militia would exist and be supported by the Federal government as the Constitution demands. We would be a lot better off in so many ways….

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