Commonsense Property Rights Coalition Meeting Tonight

Posted: January 2, 2017 in Uncategorized

Commonsense Property Rights Coalition Meeting tonight 6 pm Fred’s Fish House, Mammoth
Happy Birthday PRC, four years ago this month the group formed, tonight we celebrate our group’s birthday and prepare for the coming year.
Local and state political issues – what concerns you? We are pushing three bills in the new session of the state legislature: The 2nd Amendment Preservation Act, the Food freedom Bill and theRabies Vaccination Bill.
LOCALLY our property taxes are too high and in violation of state law. We have two new county commissioners and need to make sure they understand that the COUNTY MUST FOLLOW THE LAW.
NATIONALLY Donald Trump will become President on January 20. In the meantime Obama tries to tie his hands on foreign policy, screw Israel, and push what many of us believe are false narratives concerning Russia and hacking despite contradictory evidence from Wikileaks and the admission by John Podesta that he clicked on the wrong email to start the mess. Let’s make sure we understand the truth.
PREPAREDNESS are you ready for emergencies? What is your strongest area or talent, and where do you need help. Discuss it tonight and mark your calendar for the OSLU Preparedness Seminars Jan. 28 and 29.
For more info call 417 264 2435.

  1. Our local “schools” are the implementation of both the first and the tenth plank of the communist manifesto. They are an abomination at so many levels.

    What the “property tax” boils down to is if I get sick and can not generate funds for the state to extort from me, men with guns will come to my house to evict me onto the street, losing all of my possessions, and if I refuse they will murder me. What a great implementation of the greatest commitment in the bible belt, by “Christians”.

    Reducing this “tax” is the best one can do in the “land of the free”? The French historically have us beat by miles, as they would attend the sale of the property, buy it back, for next to nothing (because they would rightly kill anyone trying to bid it up) and give it back to the rightful owner.

    Some times I think I am living in the Twilight Zone, and not the Sovereign Nation of Missouri.

    Would love to join you but, traveling long distances and splurging on eating out is not in my budget. I have to make sure I can pay the property tax or men with guns will come to kill me.

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