Campaign 4 Liberty -West Plains Tomorrow night- UFO’s and Roswell!

Posted: November 16, 2016 in Uncategorized
Roswell UFO Crash and Conspiracy the Subject of Campaign for Liberty Meeting November 17 at Chen’s Garden
Did a UFO crash near the US Air Force base in Roswell New Mexico? For 70 years witnesses have said yes and the Air Force has issued several different explanations from weather balloons to secret spy  missions. The Campaign for Liberty will examine the facts concerning the Roswell Incident Thursday  November 17  at 7 pm at Chen’s Garden in West Plains.
“The speaker for the evening will be Mike Slack, who has made several trips to Roswell and as a journalist interviewed many of the local residents and former Air Force personnel who have gone on the record concerning the incident. In particular he has interviewed the late Lt. Col. Jesse Marcel, Jr. whose father, Major Jesse Marcel was the Air Force Intelligence Officer who recovered wreckage from the crash. He also interviewed Colonel Phillip Corso, author of the book The Day After Roswell, a former Pentagon official who  claimed back engineered artifices from the crash paved the way for the technological revolutions of the last several decades: said Don Eagleman, chair of the Campaign for Liberty.
“This is an unusual topic for our group, but after the election seemed like a good time to examine this unusual part of US history.  We welcome everyone to come to the meeting, and especially to come early, enjoy the buffet and visit with our members.  For more information call 417-264-2435.”

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