Commonsense PRC Meets TONIGHT!

Posted: October 3, 2016 in Uncategorized
Commonsense PRC meeting tonight, Fred’s Fish House in Mammoth 6 pm.
·       Candidate for Assessor Brad Fettig will be one of the speakers.  He is running against the current Assessor, whom most will recall violated state law in raising real estate taxes last year. Fettig is open to questions from the audience.
·       Dawn McPherson has information to share that will be of interest.
·       Also we need opinions on several possible speakers in the next month. I’ve talked to some good ones and just need to know there is interest.
·       If time remains, a discussion of the coming election and last week’s Presidential Debate, Trump vs. Clinton and Lester Holt.
  1. I really have a problem with the office of Assessor.
    It is innately an immoral position. I do can not wrap my mind around how any moral
    person could have anything to do with this abomination.

    The property tax is collected in an immoral manner for immoral purposes:

    The property tax Nazi’s will dispatch men with guns to either make you homeless or kill you if you refuse, if say you have cancer and have not been able to work and thus pay their extortion.

    The justification for this theft is also immoral It is justified so that the state can kidnap and forcefully indoctrinate our children for 12 years. Nowhere is this dubious power authorized in the US Constitution.

    See it for what it is. The king has no clothes people.

    A Prison by Any Other Name – Schools Are Prisons

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