Missouri Overrides Veto of Constitutional Carry

Posted: September 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

The other day our legislators actually held it together to ensure stronger gun rights for Missouri.

It’s very nice to actually be able to say “Thank you for protecting our rights!” We thank all of those who stayed true and overrode Nixon’s veto of this law. Below is a short clarification on what the law does:

MISSOURI (KFVS) – Lawmakers overturned Governor Nixon’s veto on House Bill 656. This now allows most people to carry concealed weapons.

The measure also expands self-defense laws and adds a lifetime option for concealed carry permits.

This makes the concealed carry courses unnecessary now – but experts say it is still important.

“And that’s gonna be a thing again with going through a course is learning these things,” said Rick Doan. “It’s vitally important that you learn where you can carry and where you can’t carry because just because you can carry doesn’t mean you can carry any place.”

In fact there at 17 places where you can not carry still.

  1. Any law enforcement office
  2. Within 25 feet of a polling place on election day
  3. Any correctional facility
  4. Any courthouse
  5. Any meeting of a local governing body
  6. Any general assembly of a supreme court
  7. An airport
  8. Any store that dispenses liquor as its main source of revenue
  9. Any place prohibited by federal law
  10. Any school
  11. Child care
  12. Any riverboat gambling operations
  13. Gated amusement park
  14. Any church
  15. Private property where the owner has posted a sign
  16. Any sports arena
  17. Any hospital

Full text of the new law can be found Full Story



    I am more than tired of mainstream gun groups throwing the rights of millions of Americans to the curb: Larry Pratt said, “Law-abiding citizens should not have to ask for permission to exercise a constitutionally-protected right….”

    BULL SHIT Larry Pratt! Every one of these Constitutional Carry states tramples the Constitution by criminally excluding those people prohibited under the 1968 gun control act, and criminally limits what they can carry under a 1930’s Federal gun law. That is not “exercising a constitutionally-protected right”. That is trampling of that right.

    Your use of the words “law abiding” is disguising as the second amendment makes no reference to “law abiding”. You Larry Pratt should understand the second amendment and not put your foot in your mouth like this. You add insult to injury when you call this Constitutional Carry.
    Our psychopathic slave-masters, or should we call them our “gods”, have seen fit to allow some of the serfs (those not in violation of the unconstitutional 1968 gun control act) to defend themselves,with weapons that do not violate the equally unconstitutional 1930’s gun act. I guess we should lick their boots! 😉

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