IMMEDIATE ACTION –Constitutional Carry-Missouri

Posted: August 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

Below from Eric Vimont:

Hi Friends,

Below is a list of the state senators that are at risk of changing their vote on the constitutional carry bill that the governor will veto today, thereby allowing the veto to stand.

We need to tell them to be men and stand fast or face the consequences.

As one headline I saw said ” disarming the good guys will not disarm the bad guys!”…….

Thank you,

Eric Vimont       No Victim – No Crime!

Hey Eric,

All Senators present at the time of the vote was taken voted “YES.”  If they all remain yes votes we should have no problem overriding the governor’s veto.
I would suggest contacting each one, especially the republicans (we don’t need the democrats, anyway).
Republicans in bold.
Sen. Kurt Schaefer (
Sen. Wayne Wallingford
SB 656, introduced by Senator Munzlinger, entitled: An Act to repeal sections 571.101 and 571.104, RSMo, and to enact in lieu thereof two new sections relating to concealed carry permits, with existing penalty provisions and an emergency clause for a certain section. Was taken up.
On motion of Senator Munzlinger, SB 656 was read the 3rd time and passed by the following vote:
YEAS—Senators Brown Chappelle-Nadal Cunningham Curls Dixon Emery Hegeman Holsman Keaveny Kehoe Kraus Libla Munzlinger Onder Parson Pearce Richard Riddle Romine Sater Schaaf Schaefer Schatz Schmitt Schupp Sifton Silvey Wallingford Walsh Wasson Wieland—3
Absent with leave—Senator Nasheed—1
  1. Our state government is full of spineless treasonous POS. If you believe in voting, and that the votes are even counted, then vote the ALL out for heavens sake!

    Most citizens are suffering from Normalcy Bias. Their Overton window needs to be opened a bit. What we have here in reality are people that are infringing upon the highest law of the land, specifically the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution.

    Instead of constantly pleading with the psychopaths, we should be thinking of ways to put them in jail when they dare to violate our rights. Failing to to do that we can have a civil war. Take your pick….

  2. Wasn’t a “Republic” supposed to protect the rights of the minority from the majority?
    If that is so why do I, have to beg on my knees, and pay an extortion fee to arm myself?

    It surely has failed miserably, when there are literally thousands of gun laws that trample our rights. We also have a standing army of order followers dressed in blue, that are all too happy to enforce each and every one of them.

    The idea of a “Republic” has been dead for generations. Wake up and smell the coffee….

  3. W. says:

    Here is a link to quickly send an email to your local reps in MO. I did and Shawn emailed me back to say he is voting yes to override on the 14th.

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