Resilience Group to Hold First Meeting in Springfield

Posted: August 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

If you’re in Springfield, or near by, this may be something you could do to help yourself and others.

What:          The Ozarks Resilience Group – Inaugural (1st ) Meeting

When:        2:30 – 5 pm   Sunday,  August 14th,  2016 

Where:      The Library Center4653 S Campbell Ave, Springfield, MO – Meeting Room B

Agenda:  Why Prepare?  &  What is The Ozarks Resilience Group?

  • Potential Threats – Probability vs Hardships – Attitude – Knowledge – Action Plan
  • ORG  Mission, Precepts & Key Concepts – Organizational Structure


Resilience:  “The ability to recover from setbacks, adapt well to change, and keep going in the face of adversity or hardships

Many Americans believe that our elected leaders know what they’re doing, and things will be OK – that we may have occasional hiccups in the economy – but we’ll continue on pretty much as we have been.

Others believe that some form of societal collapse is not only certain – but imminent.

Regardless of how you may believe – one thing is certain:  We live in uncertain times – and unless you’re in the .01% “donor class”, you’ve probably been feeling that “The American Dream” is becoming more & more difficult to attain – especially for our children & grandchildren.

Most folks consider purchasing traditional insurance (medical/auto/home/life) to protect against possible hardships to be the only prudent thing to do.  Is it not also prudent to acquire “insurance” for other hardships that could occur?

Helping each other acquire these other forms of “insurance” is what ORG is all about – thus developing resilience in order to deal with “whatever may come our way” – some call this “prepping”.

ORG MISSION STATEMENT:   The Mission of the Ozarks Resilience Group is to foster Resiliency thru Preparedness among Members, Neighbors and the Community at large – in order to Mitigate Hardships likely to occur in the event of foreseen or unforeseen contingencies or disasters.

We will accomplish this by conducting Training to increase relevant Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities – as well as Physical Preparations.

The Ozarks Resilience Group will primarily focus on contingencies that meet (all 3) criteria:

  1. It’s something that affects you if/when it occurs
  2. It’s something that causes you hardship if/when it occurs
  3. It’s something which you can reasonably prepare for in advance


  • ORG is NOT a militia – but DOES Support & Defend the U.S. Constitution Against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic
  • All are welcome* – Everyone is assumed to have at least some relevant Knowledge, Skills & Abilities to contribute
  • All are encouraged to Actively Participate – but it’s OK if you just want to observe & learn
  • DO Maintain an Open Mind & Respect the opinions of Others
  • NO personal attacks, flame wars, etc. PERIOD – but it is OK to disagree without being disagreeable J
  • DON’T be offended if others don’t agree with you on some issues – “Don’t get yer Knickers in a Knot”
  • DO Admit it when you’re wrong (or might be) – or if you Don’t Know
  • DO Stay Optimistic – Have Fun – Maintain a healthy sense of humor
  • ORG Membership is FREE – donations will be accepted to cover expenses for handouts, supplies, etc.
  • DO Things that will Help You to Live a Better Life – If Times Get Tough – Or Even If They Don’t Jack Spirko


  • Weekly meetings with presentations on resilience / preparedness / self-reliance / homesteading, etc.
  • Periodic workshops / seminars / field-trips, etc. for more in-depth training
  • Quarterly special events:  Campouts / bug-out drills / special training, etc.
  • Opportunities to socialize & collaborate with other “like-minded folks” in order to develop “community”
  • Opportunities to participate in group bulk purchases, group projects, etc.
  • A mechanism for measuring one’s relative degree of preparedness (similar to a credit score)



* Note:  You will NOT be welcome if you:

  1. Make a habit of:  instigating conflict, being disruptive, or being overly argumentative, etc.
  2. Espouse, support, or adhere to:  doctrines or beliefs fundamentally incompatible with principles of democracy or the US Constitution.
  1. Excuse the cynicism but…. I have found nothing, but scared, dumbed down girly men and women in groups like this. —— i.e. They are so afraid that they must publically proclaim that they are “not the militia”. (which is a lie as every citizen is part of the militia. The greatest commandment commands you to be part of the militia)

    If past experience is any indication, they will compartmentalize, and do nothing other than pretend that they are Ostriches and that they can stick their heads into the sand, and that the big bad NWO will go away after a few years of them hiding out and consuming their preps.

    Well I have news for these people. The NWO is not going to go away. If you do nothing they will be coming to you. That is a fact. That is guaranteed.

    What they should really fear is what is going to happen if they say nothing, and do nothing to educate others. That is the only thing that will stop the NWO.

    What they should really fear is what is going to happen when they shirk their sacred duty to protect their families, and the NWO incursions into their God given rights. Christians in Missouri are acting almost identically to the way the Christians behaved in Nazi Germany. They are not doing a damn thing that will be effective at stopping this evil. When it comes Christians need to accept the majority of the culpability for it’s manifestation.

    This is the flick that they should show at their first meeting IMHO:

    Schaeffer Cox – The Solution to Reclaiming Liberty

  2. For the record we do not live in a gawt damn “democracy” as was stated….. It aggravates me to no end, at how dumbed down the public is. The government schools have succeeded wonderfully at their intended job.

    “…but DOES Support & Defend the U.S. Constitution..”

    I have to ask how the hell they plan on defending the Constitution, if actually taking up arms is not in their vocabulary? i.e. “.. ORG is NOT a militia..”

    This whole thing sounds as if it is already on a very shaky philosophical foundation. It seems to be constructed on all sorts of cognative dissonance.

  3. Woody says:

    So what’s the deal. Still active?

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