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The Common Sense Property Rights Coalition will meet Monday June 6   at 6 pm at Fred’s Fish House in Mammoth Springs according to Kevin Jotz, Co-chair of the group.  The keynote speaker of the evening will be state Representative Jeff Pogue who is running for re-election this year. Pogue will discuss last year’s legislative session, both positive and negative actions, and plans for next year. He will also take questions from those in attendance.
“We will also have two candidates for Oregon County Commission, Greg Barton who is running for Northern Commissioner and Jason Kemper who is running for Southern Commissioner. Other candidates for county office will visit with us next month and in following months until the election,” Jotz said.
 “This is an organization concerned with protection of private property rights. The group believes that without protections of private property rights nothing else is secure. The right to own and reasonably use private property is a cornerstone of the U.S. Constitution, differentiating our country from others around the world. As John Adams, one of our nation’s Founding Fathers and our second president, said: ‘The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence.’”  
Jotz added, “We welcome all area residents interested in private property rights, food freedom and protection of constitutional rights to attend, or to call us for more information at 417-264-2435 or 417-270-1724.”
Lunch with the Candidate Event June 4, Country Cottage in Thayer
Those wishing to learn more about the 2016 sheriff’s race in Oregon County are invited to meet with candidate Kevin Jotz at the Country Cottage restaurant in Thayer at noon June 4 in the back meeting room, according to the campaign.
“Several people asked that I be available that day for questions they have about the race and I’m happy to be available,” Jotz said. The meeting will be informal, no speeches, just a chance to visit and answer any questions people might have. The Country Cottage is a great place for lunch, and I’m looking forward to meeting anyone who might come out.”
Jotz is a longtime resident of Oregon County, and a cattle rancher with more than 25 years of experience as a police chief or police officer.  For more information call 417-270-1724.

Below is an important article. I haven’t had time to vet everything, nor have I had the time to do the important work and beging to look at fed level cooperative/partnership agreements between the DNR and the Dept of Conservation here in Missouri. There could also be Memorandums of Understanding or MOU’s- and let me remind you of special form 424F- which basically ties every fed level agency to all other fed level agencies and obligates them to support each agencies initiatives and guidelines. It’s basically contagious contracting, and no one that owns any property can be certain they will not be affected by this.

Please feel free to begin researching this and share your results with us.

Source: Natural News – by LJ Devon

At the heart of a free and prosperous society is the principle of private property ownership. Without private property, the centralization and corrupting influence of power grows, as the freedom of the individual dissipates. Democratic socialism is a great example of the dissolution of private property, under which, the demands of the majority override those of the individual. The majority claims they have a “right” to the goods and services (property) of individuals and businesses. They then use the government as a vehicle of force to conscript property and take it.  

It is much more liberating and moral to contract with others freely and compensate one another, making agreements mutually. It is better to earn one’s own keep, be responsible for personal decisions, and be respectful of each other’s personal property. The tenet of private property follows the principles of natural law, establishing boundaries so one party cannot harm or take from another.

When property is owned by the state, it is referred to as public property. Public property serves important purposes in today’s society; however, it can also be used to serve the interests of the powerful. When property is federalized and concentrated into the hands of the powerful, the individual ambitions of the people become stifled. When property is federalized and used for monopolistic purposes, individuals are herded and turned into serfs who must do as they are told. When property is concentrated into the control of powerful central planners, they decide what they think is best for everyone.

Today, an overwhelming amount of property in the Western United States is now owned and mismanaged by the federal government of the U.S., and is being used for international and secretive purposes (e.g. United Nations global sustainability programs, and large scale mining operations). According to statistics from, the federal government now owns more than half of the land in the states of Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Idaho. The federal government owns over a third of the land in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming and California. This is not good use of public property. This is power unchecked – a federal government accountable to no one.

Federal government finding new ways to take over property

Federal government bureaucracies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) are being used as armies to intimidate and bully private property owners into complying with their demands. The EPA created the term, “Waters of the United States” to declare any rainwater that sinks into the ground as being connected to “navigable waters.” In this way, the EPA can dictate what individuals do with their private property, by declaring someone’s property a wetland, owned and overseen by the EPA. Private property owners are bullied into paying fines or giving up their property to the federal government through this tactic.

The BLM uses the same tactics to bully ranchers into paying grazing fees when their cattle roam freely and feed on the wild grasses of adjacent BLM land. This is what spurred the protests at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada. The armed BLM came to confiscate Bundy’s cattle, but backed down when the Bundys and other patriots defended their personal property.

When the Hammond family of Oregon attempted to save their cattle’s winter feed by starting back fires on their property, the flames inadvertently moved onto adjoining BLM land. Dwight and Steven Hammond now await a five year federal prison sentence because the BLM accused them of destroying federal property. These cases show that the power of the BLM is ridiculously out of control, unreasonable and dangerous. This case is the reason why there was a protest at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge inOregon. The protesters had every right to assemble peaceably, defend themselves, and speak their mind about government abuses, but the FBI arrived on the scene in paramilitary fashion, unjustly executing rancher Lavoy Finicum, arresting the peaceful assembly of ranchers, and even detaining a member of the press, Pete Santilli.

An even greater BLM land grab is in the making

U.S. Congressman Rob Bishop recently sent out a press release about 14 pages he uncovered from a Department of Interior (DOI) internal memo which details the Obama Administration’s plot to bypass Congress, and make it easier to confiscate and federalize land into the jurisdiction of the BLM.

The DOI memo reveals that a large BLM land grab is in the making. The pages reveal the need for an executive order which would bypass legislative hurdles by using an “Antiquities Act” to appropriate “cultural land” to be confiscated and managed by the BLM. The executive order would seek to target the “acute” problem of private land ownership that is adjacent to land already governed by the BLM. The targeted land includes 412,675 acres.

“In order to expand this network of treasured lands to include the diversity of landscapes currently managed by the BLM,” it states. The DOI memo also reveals, “The BLM recommends that any major funding increases be phased in over a five-year period to allow the BLM time to build capacity in order to accomplish the increased work-load.”

The war on private property ownership will continue in the West, as the BLM plans to take more and more land. The cries will grow louder to return public lands to the states, as individuals are forced to defend their private property against the federal government.

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Property Rights Coalition Covers Oregon County Land Grab, Camp Zoe and GMO’s Vs. Heirloom Seeds Thursday Night at El Rancho Restaurant, Cabool
The Ozarks Property Rights Coalition will meet Thursday May 26 at 7 pm at the El Rancho Restaurant in Cabool, Missouri according to co-chair Bob Parker.  Topics for the evening will be the DNR land grab in Oregon County using funds intended to clean up toxic lead areas in the lead mining counties.  “After the purchase was arranged in secrecy to buy almost 5,000 acres the county commissioners of Oregon County, most area state representatives and Senator Mike Cunningham lead efforts in the legislature to force the sale of the land and use of the funds for their original environmental clean-up purpose., Parker said.  Also on the agenda will be an update by Jerry King, president of Voice of the Ozarks, on  Camp Zoe in Shannon County. The main speaker of the evening will be Mike Knocks of White Harvest Seed Company, Hartville, who will explain the differences in genetically modified crops, heirloom seeds and hybrid seeds. Knocks will give tips on seed saving and explain the potential health problems with GMO’s, misinformation  circulated on GMO’s and why they should be avoided by both farmers and gardeners.
“This is a new meeting location for us” Parker said. “The El Rancho Restaurant is in the Sinclair truck stop building in Cabool on Highway 60 on the north side of the highway. They are generously allowing us to use their meeting room and we encourage everyone to come early and enjoy the buffet.” For more information call 417-264-2435.
(Please note that El Rancho is a bit east of the Hwy 63 exit in Cabool)
You are invited to meet with the Howell County Campaign for Liberty Group Thursday, May 19. At 6:00p Dr. Hal Brown, candidate for the eighth district US representative seat, will speak. (NOTE THE TIME CHANGE!) There will be time for questions and answers.  We meet at Chen’s Garden, 1705 Gibson, in West Plains. 
This month’s agenda:
·         6:00 – Dr. Hal Brown, candidate for the eighth district US representative seat, will speak.
·         7:00 – report on items of interest around the state followed by a general discussion
Dr. Brown has a second engagement this evening, so his time with us will be cut a little short. The good news is that he does get to spend some time with us. Here is some information from his website:
Dr. Hal Brown has practiced medicine in Cape Girardeau, MO for more than 30 years. He knows us and we know him. We have literally entrusted our lives to his care. He has helped us heal physically, financially and emotionally. Now Hal feels called to carry those healing priorities to a very sick Washington, D.C. He believes Missouri’s voice has faded to fly-over status as the so-called East and West coast elites further consolidate America’s wealth into fewer and fewer hands. At the same time, the national debt skyrockets and taxes become all-consuming to pay for increasingly reckless conduct. These observations have motivated Hal’s readiness to represent Missouri’s 8th District and work for real, positive change to ensure a sound future for our children and grandchildren.


  1. We must balance the budget. National debt will leave an oppressive legacy to our children and grandchildren.
  2. Spending beyond our means, fueled by wanton borrowing, poses a severe threat to our nation’s well being. We must become faithful stewards of our Nation’s blessings.
  3. Fair Tax reform should replace the current federal income tax system that has become bloated, corrupt and unmanageable.
  4. Reduce federal government cost. Relocate federal agencies in less expensive cities around the country, thus also boosting those local economies.
You can find out more about Dr. Brown and his positions at his website.
Important dates this election year:
May 20-21
State Convention
Branson, MO
July 18-21
National Convention
Cleveland, OH
Unfortunately, our Missouri state committee kept most of the delegates on the slate that will be voted on at the state convention. In determining how the delegates would vote on the first round at the national convention the candidates were awarded five votes for each district they won. That means 40 of the 52 first ballot votes were determined by the outcomes in the districts, however, there are allowing only three persons to be selected from each district to attend the national convention. 8×3 is 24 with the remaining 28 delegates being on the slate that will be voted on at the state convention. The state committee usually has enough control to be certain that their slate will win at the state convention. Again, it doesn’t really matter if someone wins on the first ballot.
The following offices are up for election this year and will appear on the August primary ballot:
Statewide: United States Sen., Gov., Lt. Gov., Secretary of State, state treasurer, Atty. Gen. and our representative to the U.S. Congress.
Howell County: assessor, Northern and Southern County commissioners, Sheriff, public administrator, coroner and surveyor and our State Sen. and our state representative. And, of course, all the committeemen and committeewomen for each Township.
Our state Sen., Mike Cunningham, is running unopposed in the primary and the general election. Our state representative, Shawn Rhoads, is unopposed in the primary, but is being challenged by Terry Hampton in the general election. I’ll wait until after the August primary to schedule them to speak at one of our meetings.
Both the northern Commissioner, Bill Lovelace, and southern Commissioner, Billy Sexton, have opponents in the August primary. I intend to schedule, at different meetings, the current officeholders and all their opponents before the August primary. The other County incumbents are running unopposed.
The committeeman position for Howell and Sisson townships are also being contested.
Most, if not all, of the state offices are being contested in the primary. I hesitate to ask anyone to travel the distance to West Plains to speak to a small audience. However, if the opportunity arises to cooperate with other groups in getting a candidate to this area, I’m open to that. And if I hear of any candidate being in the area to speak anywhere, I’ll let you know.
Several of the statewide candidates did speak at the West Plains Lincoln Day. I collected some campaign information from the candidates at that meeting. It will be available at our meetings until the primary or I run out of material.
We will have reports to bring us up to date in the following areas:
–         New ONSR plan
–    The Missouri state legislature is currently in session. Any comments?
–         COS update
–         Mike Slack –  DNR Land Purchase in Oregon County & Miscellaneous
–         Discussion of the caucuses/convention
–         Other –
I have copies of the General Assembly Roster 2015 which has contact information for our state and federal elected officials. Copies will be available at this meeting.  Copies of the US and MO constitutions and  Howell County Campaign for Liberty Group business cards will be available as well.  Copies of the 5000 year leap and Agenda 21 material will also be available as will “The Victory for State Sovereignty”, Mack/Prinz vs. USA by Sheriff Richard Mack. There are also newsletters from various organizations available.
The 2015-2016 Missouri Roster is here. It has contact info for county officials around the state as well as other information.  I’ll have copies at the meeting.
The books, “The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates” are in. I will have them at the meeting. The cost is $6.75 each.
Lt Governor Peter Kinder and Kevin Jotz,  will have campaign representatives at the Commonsense Property Rights Coalition meeting at Fred’s Fish House in Mammoth Springs beginning at 6 pm.
David Shively, Director of Operations of the Peter Kinder for Governor Campaign, will speak to us. He will have signs, brochures and campaign materials. He will also answer any questions relating to Lt Gov Kinder, the governor’s race and the things Lt Gov Kinder has done to support property rights, 2nd amendment rights and Constitutional rights, including fighting against The Blue Way, the Ozark Scenic Riverways rule changes, the Oregon County DNR Landgrab, protecting the confidentiality of concealed carry permit holders, speaking out during the  Ferguson Missouri riots  when the Gov. kept silent, supporting the first amendment AND law and order when the University of Missouri  whet crazy a few months ago and other issues.
Then we’ll discuss latest developments in the race for Oregon County Sheriff. Kevin Jotz will be available for any questions, and  volunteers from his campaign will tell you how you can help. And, they will have information on how employees of the Missouri Department of Transportation interfered in the campaign last week while being paid overtime from your tax dollars.  How in the world could that happen? You might ask. We’ll share the facts.
Monday May 2 Fred’s Fish House Mammoth 6 pm. For information call 417 264 2435