Defending the Unborn in Missouri

Posted: April 18, 2016 in Healthcare/Obamacare, Legislative Issues, Meetings, Parental Rights


Defenders of the Unborn
National  Day of Protest Against
Planned Parenthood
When:  April 23, 2016
Where:  Planned Parenthood
             4251 Forest Park Blvd.
             St. Louis, MO 
Time:    9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Guest Speakers:  Georgette Forney- Silent No More
Master of Ceremony- Pam Fichter- Former President MRL
Linda & Chuck Raymond- Silent No More- St. Louis, Susan Klein, Liaison -MRL, 
Senator Kurt Schaefer, Senator Bob Onder, Rep. Andrew Koeing, 
Father Dan Kinkead- Anglican Church for Life, and more
On April 23,2016, this protest will take place simultaneously at hundreds of Planned Parenthood locations across the nation.  
#ProtestPP is a coalition of state and national pro-life organizations seeking a public protest in response to the recent 
horrific videos exposing Planned Parenthood harvesting baby body parts for a financial gain.
These videos released by Center for Medical Progress is an eye opener for Americans across the country.  Americans who have been 
complacent now stand to defund Planned Parenthood and end the senseless killing of God’s little ones.  But those who produced 
the video have been indicted and those who committed the crime are still free.  What an injustice.  
Through our public protest at this last surgical abortion mill in Missouri we want to show to the media the scandal of harvesting
 baby body parts, educate the community on the evil of Planned Parenthood, and to demand that we work to defund 
Planned Parenthood in our state and across the country.  Visit http;//
Share this with your church, family, friends, facebook.  For more information contact Mary at 314-346-9052 or 
National Leaders: Eric Scheidler-Pro-life Action League, Monica Miller- Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, Mark Harrington-Created Equal

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