Free HAM Radio Class In West Plains

Posted: February 18, 2016 in Education
A class is being held for those wishing to learn HAM radio and take the Technician class FCC license exam.
The Technician Level Ham Radio Course will be held every Tuesday evening from 6 to 9 pm at the South Howell County Ambulance building, on K highway. Turn west on K highway from the Huddle house. The ambulance building will be on the right about 1/2 mile from highway 63 according to instructor John Price.
“The course offered is composed of 12 sessions, each three hours long.  The format will be three classes, and then the monthly local ham radio club meeting. The whole course will take 4 months overall. There are some ‘cram’ courses that are one day long with the test at the end of the day, but in such a class you will understand nothing, and will be unable to operate a station when you get your license. This course will enable you to understand the material and help you get started in the right way” Price said.
‘There is no charge for the course, but the textbook costs $23.06 from The same book direct from the publisher,, is $29.95 plus $7.50 S&H. If you have an Amazon Prime account, I highly recommend ordering the book, the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual, pub. date May 15th, 2014, and having it ready when you start” Price said.
The second class of the current course is on February 23, 2016, which is not too late to enroll. After that, be sure to enroll early for the next class this summer. If you have any questions call  John Price, at (417) 372-1135.

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