Finicum Shooting Enhanced Video

Posted: January 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

Most anyone concerned with the truth is interested in the real truth behind the shooting of LaVoy Finicum in Oregon. The video that the FBI released is tremendously grainy and difficult to ascertain whether Finicum was shot before he reached to his left side or not. Without sound, it is especially difficult to determine. What is certain, is that there were officers in the trees around the road block, and one of those officers put Finicum on the ground…There are two videos below. One is linked through a site to a fully enhanced extraction of just the shooting of Finicum. The other is to about 12 minutes of the 26 minute release from the FBI. The thing to remember as you are watching this, is that the man who is killed is actually being killed. He hadn’t shot anyone. Not saying he couldn’t have, but he hadn’t. If we had sound, we could know whether Finicum had been shot prior to reaching across his body to his left side. Perhaps we will receive additional footage or the autopsy will reveal if he’d been shot on his left side.

Here are the videos:

About 12 minutes of footage from either an FBI drone or a helicopter:

Short video with enhancement to make the picture more clear:

Link to a little story about the enhanced with some still frames and the enhanced video as well.



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