Handling the Issue of Refugee Resettlement Constitutionally

Posted: November 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

From Ron Calzone…Please click through and read the docs attached:

How should Missouri respond to the Syrian refugee situation? Since immigration and naturalization are clearly constitutional functions of the federal government, what can Missouri do, constitutionally, if we decide that we don’t want refugees resettled here?

I’m proud of my friends who have asked what the Christian’s responsibility is in the matter. What does the Bible teach about situations like this? How should that affect what Missouri decides to do? How should that affect what Christians should do?

We’ll explore the constitutional and scriptural answers to all of those questions in detail, below, but we’ll start with a summary answer and warning about empty political responses to the overwhelming pubic outcry against resettlement of these unfortunate refugees in the United States.

  • The United States should not accept refugees from places that are hot houses for anti-American sentiment.
  • The Missouri General Assembly should immediately enact laws establishing legislative oversight of any state involvement in any resettlement program. Budgetary solutions are not enough, it should be a crime for state officials to violte these laws. (e.g. The General Assembly, not the governor or bureaucrats, should have the final say.)
  • Both the Constitution and the Bible place the responsibility of relief and other benevolent acts to refugees and other displaced people on the private sector.

<Click here to finish reading this message in your browswer>

Forward this to your state Rep and Senator. Ask him or her to commit to settling for nothing less than a new law that establishes legislative oversight of refugee resettlement.

For liberty,

– Ron

  1. Appreciate your work Ron, but I am scratching my head as to what you are trying to say….

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