Missouri Bill to allow Analog instead of Smart Meters

Posted: November 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

From the Missouri Precinct Project:

Below you will find an important email we are forwarding from Kelly Pascucci regarding “smart meters”.  Kelly works tirelessly to educate Missourians on the dangers of “smart meters”.  “Smart meters” are not only a health threat, but also a threat to privacy and liberty.
“Smart meters” are intrusive…they allow power companies to collect detailed information about people’s lives and is an invasion of privacy.
Once installed, they may pulse electromagnetic radiation into a home, emitting bursts of radio frequency thousands of times a day thus posing a health risk for many.
    “We want to put an end to bullying, manipulation, threats and extortion fees from the utility companies to customers who refuse to conform to the     smart meter program”  Kelly Pascucci. 
Because “All politics is local”
—– Forwarded Message Re: Smart Meters from Kelly Pascucci
be sure to see links at bottom of email—–

Sent: Wednesday, November 4, 2015 12:37 PM
Subject: Smart Meters – Still resisting, educating, and helping

Good Morning,
Wanted to touch base with this great group of people who are aware and willing to defend the sovereignty of their homes.  Not that you need a pat on the back from me, but you all are to be commended for educating yourselves on this issue and not accepting the utility company’s script that these meters are mandatory, “you’ll like it” and “it’ll be good for you”. There are few people with the American spirit who understand that we have freedoms, but they need to be guarded and practiced.  You are that awesome group!
I have very good news for everyone.  Representative Tim Remole (District 6) will file another bill this upcoming legislative session that gives Missourians analog choice without extortion fees.  We want to put an end to bullying, manipulation, threats and extortion fees from the utility companies to customers who refuse to conform to the smart meter program.
This is the plan, we need EVERYONE to participate:
  • 1.     Contact your Representative and let him/her know that a bill will be coming up with regards to smart meter opt-out.  You’re requesting that they support this bill.  This will be your FIRST contact. They may not know anything about smart meters except what the utility lobbyists are telling them.  Be patient with them and help them understand YOUR perspective.  More than likely they have no idea about ALL the violations.  I have a presentation for this purpose, just ask and I will make it available.
  • 2.     Educate your family, friends and neighbors.  I have beautiful printed fliers for you to distribute in your neighborhood, groups, or church.  If you contact me I can mail them to you.  Attached is a pdf (front/back) for your review.  Another option, a 2-page attachment that you can print out and share “What does it mean to accept a smart meter on your home or business?”
  • 3.     Be a mentor to your contacts and help them in their awareness process and ask them to contact their Representative too.  Please direct people to “Take Back Your Power Como” FB page.  This works for those who want to learn without pressure and at their own pace.  I will have Missouri updates on that page as well.
When we have a specific bill number I will let you know, but not having a bill number should not be a deterrent from talking to your Representative and getting others to contact them as well.  When session officially gets started they are exceptionally busy so now is the time to capture their attention, get to know them and/or their legislative assistant.  We need to contact them early and often.  It can be through snail mail, e-mail, personal visits, or phone calls.
We will get nowhere if only a few people engage their Representatives.  We need hundreds, yes hundreds to rattle the cage.  “The reason why men enter into society is the preservation of their property…[Therefore,] whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people…by this breach of trust they (the government officials) forfeit the power the people had put into their hands…and it devolves to the people, who have a right to resume their original liberty and provide for their own safety and security.”  John Locke
I realize that we would all rather be doing something else, but I think we all have awakened to the fact that we’ve not engaged far too long and it has cost us dearly.  We don’t want to lose any more freedoms so our Representatives need to know us BETTER than the paid lobbyists.
Here is my latest fave article with regards to debunking the smart meter lie.  And if you haven’t heard we have made 2 episodes of an Ameren Missouri couple that have been injured by AMI smart meters.
Kelly Pascucci
Take Back Your Power Power Como “like” on FB
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