Trouble For Mr. Smith?

Posted: September 28, 2015 in Legislative Issues
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Our 8th District Congressional Representative, Jason Smith, might be drawing an investigation his way due to a relationship with a Congressman that is in deep hot water. We’ll see how this pans out over the next several months. Excerpt is below, and click on the title or the link at the end to read the full story:

Smith-Schock ties attract scrutiny

By Scott Wong – 09/18/15 12:42 PM EDT

Rep. Jason Smith (R-Mo.) joined his close friend Aaron Schock on campaign and government trips and exotic vacations in 2014 that are being scrutinized by federal investigators looking into alleged spending abuses by the former congressman, who resigned in March.

One of the trips was a private charter flight that started in the Illinois Republican’s hometown of Peoria and made multiple campaign stops in Michigan and Indiana in late October 2014. It had not previously been reported that Smith, elected to Congress two years ago, was on that trip.
Revelations that Smith, 35, accompanied Schock on the campaign trip come the same week The Hill reported that Smith has hired Schock’s former chief of staff, Mark Roman, who managed the congressman’s office at the time of his spending scandal. (Full story here)

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