Mountain Grove PRC Meeting Aug 27th

Posted: August 21, 2015 in Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, Meetings

The Mountain Grove PRC will be meeting next Thursday, August 27th at the Sunnyside Cafe in Mountain Grove. The meeting will begin at 6pm and go until the restaurant closes at 8pm.

Doreen Hannes will be heading the meeting and topics of conversation will center around the myriad of occurrences scheduled to happen in September of this year and what it may mean to us here in the Ozarks. Hannes says, “One of the things happening in September of this year has to do with a major expansion of the UN Agenda 21 program, most are completely unaware of this expansion, and there are many other important things slated for our not too distant future.”

Hannes says, “This meeting is likely to be a bit more esoteric than our meetings generally have been, but the time that we are in calls for a more holistic approach to how we manage our properties and deal with, and within, our community. There are a great number of things occurring that we really can’t do anything about, but being aware of them will allow us to prepare more appropriately overall.”

The meeting is open to the public and the PRC asks that those who attend come early and enjoy the buffet at Sunnyside to support the restaurant graciously making the meeting room available.



  1. Really disappointed that I will not be able to make this meeting. Will anyone be recording it? 🙂

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