C4L Meeting August 20th West Plains

Posted: August 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

You are invited to meet with the Howell County Campaign for Liberty Group Thursday, August 20. At 7:00p Mike Cunningham, our state Senator, will give us a recap of this years legislative session. There’ll be time for questions and answers.  We meet at Chen’s Garden, 1705 Gibson, in West Plains.  Come at 6:00p to eat and visit.

This month’s agenda:

  • 7:00 – report on items of interest around the state
    • 7:30 – Mike Cunningham to speak

Mike Cunningham, our State Senator, will report on this years Missouri legislative session. It’s our opportunity to get his take on how things went and asked him why he voted the way he did on certain measures. We can also discuss legislature we would like to see passed the next session. And we can ask about his plans for the future.

We will have reports to bring us up to date in the following areas:

–         New ONSR plan

–         COS update

–         Candidates for next election (sheriff, county commissioners, etc.)

–         Missouri legislative session information

–         Mike Slack –  Report on Tax protest & Miscellaneous

–         Other –

I have, through his Jefferson City office, confirmed that Shawn Rhodes will speak to us at our September meeting. Josh Cotter is scheduled to speak to us November 19.  I’ll try getting the new editor of the Quill for our October meeting.

I have copies of the General Assembly Roster 2015 which has contact information for our state and federal elected officials. Copies will be available at this meeting.  I also have copies of the 2014 Missouri Roster.  It has contact info for county officials around the state.  Copies of the US and MO constitutions and  Howell County Campaign for Liberty Group business cards will be available as well.  Copies of the 5000 year leap and Agenda 21 material will also be available as will “The Victory for State Sovereignty”, Mack/Prinz vs. USA by Sheriff Richard Mack.

The 2015-2016 Missouri Roster is finally available. It is on order.

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