Right to Work in The Veto Override Session

Posted: August 3, 2015 in Legislative Issues



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Below you will find an update on the “right to work”effort in Missouri as of the end of the last Missouri legislative session…including a bulleted “action plan” at the end of this email if you are in support of Missouri becoming a Right to Work state…


Because “All politics is local”

Right to Work

Many people in the State of Missouri have worked hard over several years to pass “Right to Work”… thanks to State Representative Eric Burlision (District 133) House Bill Nos 116 & 569 passed in the Missouri Legislature during the 2015 session. Unfortunately, Governor Nixon vetoed the bill. Union bosses are working very hard to sustain the veto.

It is equally important that people in support of Right to Work work just as hard to convince the NO votes to change their position and help override the veto. It takes 109 votes to do that.

NOTE:  The Veto Override session starts on Wednesday, September 16, 2015…You might also want to come to Jefferson City on that day for a big Rally (we will provide more information on that event later).

Right to Work has already passed in 25 States.  Supporters of Right to Work argue that Right to Work laws not only protect workers’ freedom to choose, but it also bolsters the economies of the States by promoting business investment and by bringing more jobs into their States.

FYI…Right to work legislation being proposed in Missouri states that no person shall be required to become a member of a labor organization, pay any dues to the labor organization or other third party and several other conditions. This link lets you read the bill in its entirety – http://www.house.mo.gov/billtracking/bills151/billpdf/truly/HB0116T.PDF.

If you support this issue...below are the names of phone numbers of Senators and Representatives that need to change their votes.

If you support this issue…call these Legislators and keep calling them to remind them of this important issue. You might also want to call your Representative that voted “yes” on this legislation and encourage that person not to change their vote during the veto session.


Distr. 23 – Tom Dempsey, St.Charles, 573-751-1141

Distr. 3 – Gary A.Romine, Farmington, 573-751-4008

Distr.17 – Ryan A.Silvey, Clay County, 573-751-5282

Distr.22 – Paul J. Wieland, Imperial, 573- 751-1492


Distr.38 – T.J.Berry, Kearney – 572-751-2238

Distr.117 – Linda R.Black, Park Hills – 573-631-5190

Distr.104 – Kathie Conway, St.Charles – 573-751-2250

Distr.14 – Kevin Corlew, Kansas City North – 573-751-3618

Distr.64 – Robert Cornejo, St.Charles County – 573-751-1484

Distr.116 – Kevin Engler, St.Genevieve – 573-751-3455

Distr.144 – Paul Fitzwater, Potosi – 573-760-4716

Distr.115 – Elaine Freeman Gannon, DeSoto – 573-751-7735

Distr.11 – Galen Wayne Higdon Jr., Platte County- 573-751-3643

Distr. 107 – Ronald Lee Hicks, O’Fallon – 573-751-1470

Distr.119 – Dave Hinson, St.Clair – 573-751-0549

Distr.17 – Stewart Nick King II, Liberty – 573-751-1218

Distr.42 – Bart Korman, High Hill – 573-751-2690

Distr.32 – Jeane Lauer, Blue Springs – 573-751-1487

Distr. 97 – John McCaherty, High Ridge- 573-751-3751

Distr.8 – Jom W.Neely, Cameron – 573-751-0246

Distrt.41 – Randy Pietzman, Troy – 573-751-9459

Distr.111 – Shane Roden, Cedar Hill – 573-751-4567

Distr. 31 – Sheila Solon, Blue Springs – 573-751-8636

Distr. 106 – Chrissy Sommers, St.Charles, 573-751-1452

Distr. 65 – Anne Zerr, St.Charles, 573-751-3717

ACTION PLAN RECAP:  If you support “right to work” legislation in Missouri, here are some suggested actions you can take….

  • Read the entire bill….do your homework!
  • Contact the Legislators that need to change their vote during the veto session vote
  • Contact the Legislators that voted for “right to work” asking them to continue to vote in favor of “right to work” during the veto session vote.
  • Attend the “right to work” rally on September 16  in Jefferson City (for more details go here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1611195119119919/ )


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Because “All politics is local”



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