Mountain Grove PRC to Meet May 28th

Posted: May 19, 2015 in Meetings

The Mountain Grove Property Rights Coalition will be meeting from 6pm to 8pm at the Sunnyside Cafe in Mountain Grove on May 28th.

“Usually, we have skipped a May meeting because so many are involved too heavily in getting in their hay at this time, but we believe that we have some information that needs to be shared and want to give folks an opportunity to learn about it this month,” says Bob Parker, co-chair of the PRC.

Topics of this month’s meeting will include the new DNR draft plan on non-point pollution, a brief overview of the legislative session, and some information on the Muslim Brotherhood and the pertinence of that issue for those in our area at this time.

Doreen Hannes, also co-chair of PRC says, “As many have probably noticed, there is a shift in our focus towards more preparation oriented issues. While our concerns are still focused on private property and protecting the rights of people to have the use and enjoyment of their property, and on governmental accountability, there is no denying the fact that we now must be more focused on our ability to keep our property and to help ourselves and our neighbors get through upsets and/or disasters of any type. In order to remain civil in these types of incidents, we must have sufficient resources and sufficient relationships with our neighbors.”

The meetings are free to the public and anyone with an interest in preserving private property rights is invited to attend. The Sunnyside has a buffet and a full menu and people are encouraged to come a bit early and enjoy the food in the new new smoke free environment.


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