John Diehl Gets Caught with His Clinton On

Posted: May 14, 2015 in Elections, Legislative Issues, Uncategorized

If you will recall, prior to the voting for the selected House Leader, John Diehl, many of us in the freedom movement worked to try to prevent us from the danger and embarrassment of having Diehl in that position. Guess what? We weren’t successful because Missouri’s elected representatives support their political party more than they do the people or principles. Sorry, but sometimes the truth just hurts.

Here is an article about the intern affair:

MO House Speaker at the center of sex scandal hours before session adjourns

As the final days, of the Missouri Legislature’s 2015 session come to an end, attention turns away from the hub-bub of the legislative process and on to a sex scandal involving the Republican Speaker of the House, John Diehl. He released a statement, late this afternoon, admitting to the allegations.

John Diehl

Courtesy Missouri House of Representatives

It’s been a strange year in Missouri Politics. Just months after the apparent suicide deaths of two key political players, Missouri State Auditor, Tom Schwiech and his spokesman Spence Jackson, the state began gearing up for gubernatorial primary season. Additionally, during this legislative session several contentious issues, like Medicaid expansion, Right To Work and MoDoT tax increases, were the focus of legislators, but now, just two days before the session adjourns, there is a petition to replace the sitting Speaker.

John Diehl, age 49, the representative from district 89, in Town and Country, which is a St. Louis suburb, is married with three children and finds himself in the middle of a sexting scandal, with a 19 year-old intern, according to a story released today, by the Kansas City Star.

The sexually charged texts are speculated to have been sent over the legislature’s spring break, in March. And the intern program, which has been in place for more than 20 years, between the capitol and Missouri colleges, was abruptly shut down in April, with no apparent explanation.

The full catalog of screen shots can be seen in the KC Star piece, but some of the texts dialog is listed here:

Her: “You better take care of me.”

Diehl: “Like how?”

Her: “I’ll bet you’ll figure it out.”

Diehl: “I dunno. You have always been disappointed;)”

Her: “I just have high expectations, I guess. Thus far, you’ve done pretty well (an emoji blows a kiss)”

Diehl: “:). I kinda want to hear what you are expecting”

Then, shortly after, he types: “You will be in good hands :)”

At one point Diehl texts her “God I want you right now,” to which she replies “I wish you could have me right now.”

In another exchange, she sends a picture of herself in a bikini and Diehl responds: “Damn girl …”


Shortly after he writes: “I want to see more” followed by a smiling emoji.

Another exchange centered on Diehl texting that he was “Laying in bed looking at your pic :)”

She responded: “Mmmmm why can’t I be there :)”

Diehl shared photos as well, including one apparently taken while he was on a trade mission to Europe with Gov. Jay Nixon. The picture shows the speaker standing next to a luxury car in Munich, Germany.

“Munich is a cool place,” he says.

“That suit and tie combo is sexy and you look great,” she responds. “I see a lot of work is happening.

This was Diehl’s first session as Speaker. His campaign website paints a picture of a conservative, family values individual who believes in personal responsibility. This quote is bannered across the home page of his web site:

“I believe in the principles of personal responsibility, economic opportunity, and limited government. As Speaker, I will work to create an economy that creates jobs, grows businesses, and promotes opportunities for our kids and grandkids.”

Just hours after the scandal broke, Gina Mitten, the representative from Missouri’s 83rd district has circulated a petition to have the speaker removed from his office.

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