Next Round inVimont Court Battle for Food Freedom

Posted: April 29, 2015 in Food Freedom

From Eric Vimont regarding Christian County food freedom battle:

Hi friends,
The next round in the war for the right to eat the food of our choice will take place this coming Friday May 1st at 9:00am at the Christian county “justice” center. It is the building on the south side of the old courthouse square in Ozark.

We would appreciate a overwhelming turn out, as we truly need to overwhelm the bias, and conflict of interest that exists within the court system today.
It is a very important thing for the officials to notice(and they have already) a large group of interested observers.

This Hearing is about the defendants (them) asking for the court to dismiss the case because we have named the members as individuals and not as a board, which can hide behind “official immunity”.
Also it is not possible to call a board to the witness stand to examine their answers for perjury, and yes they have refused to answer our direct questions, which I believe is a form of perjury.

I am happy to discuss the current status of the battle, and hope to see you there.

No Victim – No Crime!
Eric Vimont       417-366-0999

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