Senate Hearing on Prescription Database

Posted: April 20, 2015 in Legislative Issues, Privacy Rights

From the ever vigilant, Ron Calzone:

It’s NOT just about who has your personal data — it’s about being under constant surveillance by powerful government computers.

We are making some headway in the fight against Missouri establishing a PDMP, but leadership in both the House and Senate support it and we will have to continue to fight it to the bitter end.

Please continue to help! See the Witness Form Link, below.

SB63 is the Senate version of PDMP. It has passed the Senate and now needs to go through the committee process and a vote by the full body in the House. The Missouri House of Representatives has always passed PDMP bills – including HB130 this year, so this may be showdown time!

Fortunately, there are some great patriots and organizations fighting this terrible piece of legislation. See what they have to say about a PDMP:

Orwell's 1894 Telescreen

In George Orwell’s classic 1984, “Big Brother” used Telescreens to both pipe in government propaganda and also as a two-way surveillance tool. Virtually everything anyone did was monitored by the government and they were held accountable for anything thought politically incorrect by “Big Brother”. In this scene the story’s protagonist, Winston Smith, huddles in a corner of his apartment to avoid the scan of the Telescreen. Although he’s out of sight of Telescreen’s camera, a sensitive microphone can still pick up any sound he makes.

Last August, almost 75% of Missouri voters said “NO!” to Big Brother when they ratified a constitutional amendment to protect our personal data. It’s incredible to think that so many legislators would be supporting a PDMP. Here’s how they have voted on PDMP so far this year:

The good news is that some of the law-makers who voted FOR the PDMP the first time have changed their minds. Please call your rep or senator and ask them how they currently stand and tell them you expect them to choose liberty!

Hearing Probably On Wednesday!
Your witness form needed asap…

Witness Form – We will hand deliver your witness form, whether for or against, and also make your testimony available online for the committee to read.

Generic Witness Form: Witness form link for SB 63


A Lot of Risk With No Evidence of Benefit

As I’ve listened to witnesses supporting a PDMP at previous hearings, about all I’ve heard is antidotal reasons for spending a lot of money to set up a system of surveillance of law-abiding citizens. No specific statistics demonstrating that there is a particular need; no statistics showing that PDMPs are working in other states; and no proof that our personal data will be secure from identity thieves.

And even IF the data were secure, the PDMP is designed to be a government surveillance system, even when it’s working correctly!

What’s more telling than the lack of evidence supporting the need for a PDMP is the empirical data showing that Missouri won’t likely be helped by one:

According to the federal government’s National Survey on Drugs and Health, where non-medical use of prescription drugs is concerned, Missouri is only 0.26% (1/4 of 1%) worse, without a PDMP, than the national average, and all the other states already have PDMPs set up! See:

That really makes one wonder what the real motive is for this new government surveillance system.

Let’s stop it, together! Please fill out a witness form now and get some friends to do the same.

For liberty,

– Ron

  1. Sylvia Hathaway says:

    AAPS is also opposed. Association of American Physicians and Surgeons opinion:

  2. Sylvia Hathaway says:

    Tell MO House Committee To Oppose SB 63 *THIS WEDNESDAY, April 22,* the Missouri House of Representatives Health Insurance Committee will likely hear testimony on SB 63 , a bill to create a Prescription Drug Monitoring Database in Missouri.

    We encourage you to please submit your comments to the committee in opposition to this bill! PLEASE ALSO FORWARD this email to your colleagues, friends, and family and ask them to speak out.

    *If you are a physician or other medical professional* PLEASE CLICK HERE to submit your comments.

    *Patients and concerned citizens* can CLICK HERE to submit comments.

    *Here are just a few reasons this bill must be opposed:*

    – This bill is detrimental to patient privacy. – With data breaches occurring at a record rate, patient medical information should not be going in to yet another database. – No specific statistics demonstrate that there is a particular need for this database. – No statistics showing that such databases are working in other states; – No proof that personal data will be secure .

    More details about this bill are available by clicking here . Follow on Twitter | Friend on Facebook | Forward to a Friend

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