Paper Ballots! Call Right Now, Please

Posted: April 15, 2015 in Legislative Issues
Dear supporters of secure and auditable elections:
We are happy to report that thanks to your many phone calls to Missouri House Speaker John Diehl’s office last week, HB 889, sponsored by Rep. Paul Curtman, has finally been sent to the House Elections Committee! As most of you know, this crucial bill (sometimes called “the paper ballot bill”) will phase-out the use of direct-record touch screen voting machines in Missouri, and make a paper ballot the official ballot in the state, thereby providing a much-needed reliable record of the vote for audits and recounts.
We are also happy to report that the identical Senate bill, SB 399, sponsored by Senator Bob Onder, was just passed out of the Senate Financial and Governmental Organizations and Elections Committee!!  Thank you to all who helped accomplish this through phone calls and giving testimony!


There is only one more month to get this legislation passed this session!  So we need your help again to keep up the momentum!!!
Please call Rep. Sue Entlicher, Chair of the House Elections Committee, and ask her to put HB 889 on the agenda for a hearing by the Elections Committee when it meets next week and to allow the committee to vote on it immediately! Unless it gets through Rep. Entlicher’s committee ASAP it will not have time to make it to the Floor of the House. This year there is a new committee structure in the House, so there is a whole other committee that this bill must go through AFTER it gets out of the Elections committee.  Rep. Entlicher says that she personally supports this bill, but to date she is unwilling to give the bill a hearing next week. This doesn’t add up, and that is why we need everyone to call.
Rep. Sue Entlicher’s phone number:  573-751-1347
If you have an additional moment or two, it would also be helpful to encourage the Senate leadership to bring SB 399 to the floor for a debate and vote.  Here is a link to their contact information:
As always, thank you for your efforts on this important cause!  And stay tuned, because as soon as we get a hearing scheduled we will be needing your Witness Forms.
–The Missouri Coalition for Transparent and Secure Elections

Questons?  Contact Republican Co-Director Frieda Keough at 314-229-8720; or Democrat Co-Director Cynthia Richards at 314-630-3916.

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