Prescription Drug Bil In Senate TODAY

Posted: April 2, 2015 in Legislative Issues, Privacy Rights

The Prescription Drug Database Bill is in the Senate today. Please call your Senator and let them know your thoughts on this bill. Below is a message from Ron Calzone….For myself, I don’t think we need any more databases collecting and disseminating private information. The stats show less than 3% of the population abuses prescription drugs or sells them illegally. Not significant enough to increase surveillance by this kind of measure. Your opinion may differ:

FYI – SB 63, the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program bill that sets up a government database to track your personal prescription drug purchases, will probably be voted on by the Missouri Senate today.

Monday, the Senate “perfected” the bill, setting it up for the final vote that sends it to the House for the Representatives to possibly amend and vote on it.

After the inclusion of some compromise provisions that include an accountability measure that allows citizens to sue if their personal data is compromised, some of the senators who have been the most vocal opponents decided not to filibuster the bill.

Now, it’s been discovered that a key element in that provision was eliminated from a version of the bill that was substituted for the compromise version. The clause that was eliminated said:

“Neither the sovereign nor the official immunity doctrines shall apply to a person or a department authorized to have private prescription-related medical information under sections 195.450 to 195.468 in instances when such information is disclosed to an unauthorized party.”

This important clause would have prevented the state from claiming that it can’t be sued for its mistakes, or that any monetary judgments against it are limited.  By eliminating it, the protections against the state doing mischief with your personal data are greatly diminished.

It’s unclear whether the elimination of this clause was intentional or an oversight, but either way it violates the compromise agreement.  (For the record, I don’t think the bill should pass with or without the compromise.)

Call your senator today and ask him or her to make sure this clause is put back in before they take their final vote on the bill.  If they tell you “the House will fix it”, tell them there’s no guarantee the House will do anything — the Senate should fix it themselves.

Of course, you can add to all of that a request that your senator oppose setting up ANY government PDMP database, with or without accountability measures!

Got to to find your senator.

  1. Pat says:

    Are you aware of the 2016-013 act proposal, for constitutional change, for decriminalizing cannabis?

    • truthfarmer says:

      Hi there, Yes, I am aware of it. Not sure how much action it is actually getting, but it is obvious that the war on drugs has become more of a war on freedom. If you are following it closely, please feel free to email me at with any info. Thanks!

      On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 9:12 AM, PRCnews wrote:


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