Mountain Grove PRC Meeting February 26th

Posted: February 19, 2015 in Meetings
The Mountain Grove Property Rights Coalition will be meeting at the Sunnyside Café in Mountain Grove, Missouri on February 26th from 6pm until 8pm.
 The Property Rights Coalition is dedicated to preserving and protecting private property and the property rights of the individual and land owners against any further encroachment by all levels of government or groups that strive to destroy the freedoms we hold dear.
 At the meeting on the 26th, the group will be discussing the recent incident with an active property rights advocate who was tased by a Sparta policeman and hospitalized due  to that tasing. We hope to have a nearby Chief of Police give a short talk on what you should do if you are pulled over by a police officer. Also, Marie Lasseter will share her discoveries regarding cities in our area using fluoride in their water supplies. If time allows, updates will be given on other topics of concern to the preservation of property rights.
 Doreen Hannes, Co Chair of the PRC,  says, “This meeting is sure to be loaded with information.  Everyone is invited to attend and encouraged to also enjoy the buffet before the meeting. but do keep your eye on our website in case the weather causes a cancellation. “
 The group’s site is www.prcnews,org.  Articles and information regarding the group’s interests are posted regularly as well as meeting notices of other  PRC groups throughout southern Missouri.

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