Long Time Friend of Property Rights Tased and Beaten in Sparta

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Thursday night, January 22nd 2015, after attending the Mountain Grove PRC meeting, 69 year old rancher Bob Estep was heading to his home near Sparta when a car with it’s brights on pulled in behind him. Estep said he was trying to let the driver behind him know that the brights were blinding him by moving his rearview mirror attempting to flash the lights to the driver to his rear and moving the mirror around caused Estep to weave a little bit as he traveled down the road.

According to Estep, approximately 3 miles outside Sparta as he neared his turn off point, the vehicle behind Bob turned on it’s emergency lights indicating that it was a patrol car. Estep pulled over and waited for the officer to come to the side of his car. According to Bob Estep, he was waiting a rather lengthy amount of time, and he became concerned that there may be a problem, so he called 911.

When the 911 operator answered Bob began to explain the situation and then his door was suddenly ripped open and he was tased without any verbal instructions or explanation. The power of the taser threw him into the back seat of the car. Estep says he was then instructed to get out of the car, but he had been paralyzed by the taser and wasn’t able to comply and the officer threatened to tase him again if he didn’t get out.

Then Estep was pulled out of the car impacting his face on the pavement, and his feet became stuck under the car in the process. The officer instructed Estep to roll over and since his feet were stuck and he was still somewhat immobilized by the taser he couldn’t comply. Estep says the officer then stomped on his back four times and then pulled him from under the car.

Mr. Estep was arrested by Officer Spencer of the Sparta Police Department for driving while intoxicated and resisting arrest, and cited for weaving and failing to comply with the lawful orders of a law enforcement officer.

Apparently all of this was caught on the 911 call and we are in the process of trying to get that recording to share with you. Bob Estep was given a breathalyzer test and found to have no alcohol level indicated as he had only consumed lemonade and water that evening.

As of this writing, Mr Estep is in the hospital suffering from nerve trauma and heart issues related to the tasing.

As more information and documentation becomes available, we will make it available to our readers.



  1. truthfarmer says:

    This is one of the hardest things I have ever had to write, trying desperately to keep my feelings out of the writing. There is much more to this story, and for those who know Bob Estep, we know the character of the man and that he is nonviolent and not physically aggressive or dangerous.
    The PRC asks for prayers for Bob and his wife and asks the supporters of private property rights to be ready to provide support for Bob as this goes forward.

    • jim says:

      If this is the statement you received from Estep there is items that just don’t seem right. I’m not saying there aren’t cops out there that are crooked, but if you are tased the power wouldn’t throw you into the back seat. I have been tased and know a number of people that also have been tased. It locks up you muscles so you can.t move. read up on the affects of being tased.


  2. truthfarmer says:

    Reblogged this on Truth Farmer and commented:

    Does Fighting City Hall Result in Police Attack in Missouri?

  3. Find me a cop that does not belong in jail…. I’m waiting.

    • Randy says:

      Unfair statement. I’m not in law enforcement but personally know many good men and women who are. Having said that, I know some who would write and arrest their own grandmother. But don’t judge them all by the one or two bad one’s.

      • truthfarmer says:

        There are good ones. As a matter fact, PRC has a few that regularly attend meetings and our group sponsored a few meetings with Sheriff Mack and we support the CSPOA whenever we can. The social machinations have been conducted on both sides to create division between us on every level. Black, white, cop, public, liberal, conservative, republican, democrat, etc.

      • Sorry, but there is no such thing as a good cop. Not even one in the whole country….
        Every single one of them violates peoples rights 24/7.
        If they want to remain a cop they have to violate peoples rights , because 99% of the
        laws out there violate your rights.

        The real problem here is that the products
        of government schools (by design) do not have a clue as to what their rights are.
        Best 7 hour course on the Constitution that every cop needs to watch

        Good Cops?


      • Robert Smeby says:

        I agree partially. Many are the product of the dumbed down private schools. After not having to use their critical thinking skills or not even taught about it, they get out in the world without any morals, without any respect, without any responsibilities, with only the propaganda taught them when getting into law enforcement to go by. People need to get on their mayor’s and/or council’s backs with both feet and let them know what is going on and don’t ask them to mfix it, TELL them to fix it!!!

      • Ron Yoder says:

        Private Schools?????? Nixa High school has a Registered Sex Offender on their football team!!!

      • truthfarmer says:

        Do you mean “dumbed down public schools”?

  4. How do I find out about PRC meetings? I think I am joining… Thanks in Advance

    • truthfarmer says:

      You can get meeting info on this site and you just come to some meetings and act on what is needed to protect private property rights. We’re just a concerned citizen group and totally non-partisan.

  5. Pat says:

    I hear he was released today and is home. It’s time that we the people start backing we the people. Our government is out of control, and is trying to force us to comply. Why Mr’ Estep got tortured like he did, remains a question. But one way or the other, that cop needs to be suspended. At least until we can hear the evidence. Estep says he is doing alright now, but I can only imagine the fear he and his wife must feel. Prayers and support I give to the Estep family.

  6. Pat says:

    Reblogged this on POPS and commented:
    A friend of mine found the wrong end of a taser last week. This is starting to hit home people.

  7. Debra says:

    I am so disgusted reading this that I am shaking. Obviously they won’t want people to know about this so I am reposting it on Facebook.

    • truthfarmer says:

      I hear you. I assure you that if you know Bob, it makes you shaking mad. Get the word out to all. This is a really large issue and needs the attention of way more than just property rights advocates.

  8. Funny how when the police were beating up and killing mainly blacks and homeless people, for the past 50 years, no one at all paid attention or cared.

    This a a perfect illustration of Reverend Niemoller’s poem.

  9. truthfarmer says:

    KY3 interviewed the attorney that Bob Estep has retained. Should be on at 6 or 10…

  10. Becky Pyland Davis says:

    Barney Fife should have to answer for what he did!!!!! I KNOW a lot of our police officers put up with a lot and get blamed for a lot of things, but Barney was out of line!!!! Poor Ole Barney must of had his hands full with a 69 year old man!!!!

  11. laura smith says:

    I experienced a similar thing in the year of 2007 in Fair Grove Missouri.I was driving to the grocery store and was pulled over by a police officer after I had been going the speed limit was wearing my seatbel thad my vehicle registered registered and insured

  12. Rick Hill says:

    I have started a FB page Justice For Bob Estep https://www.facebook.com/groups/richardehill/ Feel free to join

  13. Ryan Henson says:

    inalienable wrights: I’m right here. I’ve worked in Law Enforcement since I was 22 years old, I’m 32 now. I’ve worked in corrections and as a patrol deputy. I am very pro citizen rights, and very pro constitution. I can honestly say that I have never put my hands (I’ve also never used my taser or pepper spray) on anyone that the situation didn’t dictate the nessessity for such an action. I have dozens of cards and letters written to me from people I’ve helped over the years and received 2 life saving awards for preventing suicides while working as a corrections officer. That’s a strange thing to happen if I deserve to be in jail myself, isn’t it? I feel sorry for you that the only thing you can bring to the table of discussion in this situation is an ignorant blanket statement that all LEO’s should themselves be locked up. My guess is that this was meant to be informative and supportive to Mr. Estep. Instead of ignorant blanket comments, how about putting your efforts towards something productive. Write a letter to Spartas Chief and ask for a public forum to ask questions about this situation and Sparta PD’s policies on “use of force”. Maybe ask if the Officer is a full time employee or a reserve (believe me, that matters). Ask if this officer has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. Heck maybe even pass the hat or organize a food train for the Esteps to make sure their cared for. See……lots of things should have come to mind, in my opinion, other than ignorant blanket comments like yours. But then again, what’s my opinion worth? Since I should be locked up for wanting to serve my community and help those that cannot help themselves.

    • Mark Friend says:

      Very well spoken, Ryan. Thanks for your service.

      • With all due respect Ryan, you like most Americans do not have clue as to what a persons rights are. (If you did you would resign in disgust from Law enforcement) You have likely enforced illegitimate and unconstitutional drugs laws, weapon laws, laws pertaining to travel, laws pertaining to open containers… I could go on for days.

        Like I previously stated it is very sad that you do not understand what a right is.
        I challenge you to listen to Michael Badnarik’s class. Hopefully more than once….At the very least it should make you question the dogma that you have accepted as fact, and hopefully set you upon the road to understanding what principles the Constitution (imperfectly) attempted to implement.

      • Ron Yoder says:

        Thanks Ryan and Amen to your comments!!

    • Ron Castille says:

      Officer Henson, you sound and appear upset over Mr. inalienables comment. It is my opinion that since you have worked in law enforcement for the past 10 yrs it would give you more tolerance and insight in dealing with comments such as mr. inalienable. I am sure you have had dealings with the inept of our society in more ways than one. I have commented on other post referring to this arrest which to me only compounds the feelings of our society against law enforcement. My opinion on this officer is simple, not ALL people are meant to be in law enforcement. It is of utmost importance in the screening of these individuals that COMMON sense and the lack of mental instability be few of many factors in deciding their job hiring potential. Because COMMON sense has become almost extinct in the thinking of people in our society, (mainly because Government has decided to do most of the thinking for us ) I would hope more is done in the future in the simple hiring process. I appreciate your service to the community and wish you and yours safe and simple work days. Remember to ignore the few people who just can not help the ignorance that flows from their hearts !

    • Paul Bingham says:

      You make some good points, but professional police officers aren’t really needed, especially in small towns and are mostly gangsters who work for the local government harassing people for profit.

      • Robert Smeby says:

        Paul, I’ve been in a “small” town police force and years ago our local sheriff was shot after knocking on a door to serve a warrant. Was he harassing someone? I assisted the ambulance more than once. I was out on the highway to help the highway patrolman with fatal accidents, etc. Having said that, there is politics involved no matter what size the town or city. A private citizen rode with me one Sat. night for 2-3 hr. He said that woke him up to many things and he now had a different outlook!

      • Paul here is some sort of Stockholm syndrome among the general population where they have a love affair with their rapists and oppressors…. I have no other explanation to the insanity and the disregarding of facts..

      • Ron Yoder says:

        How you focus your attention affects your perceptions. When you have an idea in your mind you tend to look for evidence that supports that idea and not pay attention to evidence that says the idea isn’t accurate. This is called confirmation bias. A good description of …..

        Follow me on on Facebook:

    • Robert Smeby says:

      Right on, Ryan!

    • Dealing with and coddling “stupid” is not my forte… if it is yours then go for it my friend.

  14. Buck Savage says:

    So this guy was paralyzed after being tased. I call bull crap of that one. The taser only has effect for 5 seconds when it is deployed. The only way this could happen is for the officer to repeatedly keep tasing him. I don’t think the whole truth is being told here. Was he driving while Intoxicated, and yes I would love to hear the audio from the 911 call, one that will not be edited by you guys, the whole thing. Sounds to me like Mr. Estep is sure happy and knows he did wrong, but I could be wrong too, but seems like he has been in court a lot over the years

    Displaying 1 thru 7 of 7 records returned for parties with a name of ESTEP, BOB for All case types in ALL court locations.

    Party Name Case Number Party Type Style of Case Case Type Filing Date
    Address on File Circuit County Location
    ESTEP, BOB 31399SC6158 Plaintiff JOHN ESTEP ETAL V WILLIAM MYLES VIVEIROS AC Small Claims over $100 12/27/1999
    SPARTA, MO Circuit 31 Greene Circuit Division
    ESTEP, BOB 06U4-CV00225 Petitioner BOB ESTEP V JOANNE RISTER AC Small Claims over $100 09/21/2006
    SPARTA, MO Circuit 44 Douglas Associate Division Douglas
    ESTEP, BOB 08CT-CV00109 Plaintiff BOB & JAMES ESTEP V CHARLES & KAREN GENTILE CC Other Real Estate Actions 02/01/2008
    Circuit 38 Christian Circuit Division
    ESTEP, BOB 14CT-CC00558 Defendant JORENE THOMAS V BOB ESTEP ET AL CC Other Real Estate Actions 06/16/2014
    SPARTA, MO Circuit 38 Christian Circuit Division
    ESTEP, BOB R 00CV229993 Plaintiff BOB R ESTEP V BURLINGTON NORTHERN CC Pers Injury-Fed Empl Liab 12/04/2000
    SPARTA, MO Circuit 16 Jackson Circuit Division (Kansas City)
    ESTEP, BOBBY R 041211457 Defendant ST V ESTEP, BOBBY AC TR State Traffic Ticket 02/03/2006
    Fine Collection Center Fine Collection Center Fine Collection Center
    ESTEP, BOBBY R 070834964 Defendant ST V ESTEP, BOBBY AC TR State Traffic Ticket 05/30/2008
    Fine Collection Center Fine Collection Center Fine Collection Center

    • truthfarmer says:

      I want the 911 tape too, and when I get it, it will NOT be edited as I have no idea how to even do that and no time to learn how either. Bob doesn’t drink alcohol very much if at all. The PD readily will verify that he tested for zero on the breathalyzer. You’re wrong about tasing and it’s effects. It can and does cause permanent damage and Bob has had previous heart issues. And seriously? Traffic tickets and small claims court stuff from years ago and years and years ago proves something negative about Bob’s character? You are trying really hard to cast aspersions. Makes one wonder who you are and what you are invested in.

      • Buck savage says:

        i am not invested in nothing. I think it’s actually funny really that the first thing he says is he is going to sue. Then he should have gotten a different lawyer and not Kevin Elmer who got voted out of the Republican Party by his own because he thought they would support him for judge. The guy hasn’t won anything as a lawyer. Sounds to me that you have something to invest in all of this. Also I was just proving a point that mr Estep is sue happy or been sued. So I think before you go taking anyone’s side you need to have your facts in order.

      • truthfarmer says:

        I have my facts in order, thank you. Elmer was local and willing to help. Pretty simple.

        On Sat, Jan 31, 2015 at 9:44 PM, PRCnews wrote:


      • truthfarmer says:

        Oh, my invested interest is that my children have some capacity to live in a society where they are not allowed to be beaten with impunity by those who have a badge and that they be able to move about doing their lawful business without harassment.

        On Sat, Jan 31, 2015 at 9:44 PM, PRCnews wrote:


      • This is not the first time I have seen Ad Hominem attacks in this thread. Sad that people have to stoop that low and can not just argue the facts.

    • ForTheFarmer says:

      Buck Savage, if you don’t know the details of the suits that you mention above, your “evidence” that Estep is some kind of “sue happy” individual makes you look silly. The city has been after Esteps land for years, he is a political man, and he’s ticked some people off. The 911 tape should be interesting…oh, and it’s been reported that he was not drunk.

  15. Don’t focus only on property rights,,,,,if you want a very good primer on what rights are, these 2 are great:

    Mark Passio – Natural Law: The Real Law of Attraction – 1/3

    Constitution Class taught by Michael Badnarik (2003)


  16. John P. Fitts says:

    As a former Deputy in San Diego, CA. I am heartbroken to hear this. I believe that young cops know nothing (nor care) about the Constitution. Part of the blame is training, part is I believe is the practice of the Feds providing “Free” military equipment such as armored vehichles, fully automatic weapons, etc. which produces a mindset of a “Marine landing force” instead of “Community oriented policing.

    • Animal are trained not humans…..
      It is no ones responsibility to “train” any one except yourself. Government schools, nor the media, nor anything else “trained” me…. I educated myself like all people with any sense do.
      Useful idiots and order followers are “trained”

      If you don’t even recognize the rights of others, how can you even claim to be a human being? You are totally lacking in knowing right from wrong….That IMHO describes most all cops…

      • Varitas says:

        Inalienable, there is more than one way to beat on people. The saying, “Knowledge is power”, is very true. It can be used for good or evil purposes. You are showing me that you like to flaunt your knowledge, and when people don’t understand what you’re talking about you insinuate that they don’t have any sense. Although it may be true, that’s no way teach. If a person really wants to help people, they must first get pride out of the way. I have always learned more from patient, loving teachers than I ever did from any other source. A lot of what I think I know was of course learned through study and research.

        One thing I’ve learned is that people are in different stages. They know some things and don’t know others. Sometimes, if given too much at one time they choke. So, little by little. And learn when to leave it alone. Some people are seed planters. Others come along and water the seeds that was planted, often times years later.

        Sometimes people THINK they know something, but really don’t. Honestly, this has been me and still is me to a certain extent. I will stubbornly hold to a belief until I, if willing, begin to question and explore that belief. Or until somebody proves me wrong. For example, I used to believe that there was a difference between the Republican Party and the Dem. Party. It was 20 years before I would realize that there wasn’t really any difference, that both Parties serve themselves and their pocketbooks, what they want. Most of them couldn’t care less about the people they are supposed to represent, what they want or don’t want.

        It was very upsetting, when the scales began to be ripped from my eyes, to find out that I really wasn’t ‘free’. Freer than most, but still a slave. That our system of laws was a quagmire of regulations and double speak might to steal our wealth and further enslave. Even after all the soldiers that fought and died for the cause of freedom, and to hear all my life that I had that freedom, only to find out later the answer is No. For most people it hurts too much to think about that stuff.

        I understand.

  17. Dorothy says:

    This is just crazy these gangbangers cops is taking over the world We got to come together and fight back

  18. Randee says:

    Who is the attorney?

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