New Location For Mtn Grove PRC

Posted: January 17, 2015 in Uncategorized



The Mountain Grove Property Rights Coalition (PRC) will be having it’s first meeting of the New Year at a new location in Mountain Grove. The group will meet at the Sunnyside Café in the Walmart parking lot north of Hwy 60 from 6pm to 8pm on Thursday, January 22nd.

The property rights group will be focusing on several issues of concern to those interested in private property rights. Doreen Hannes, co chair of the PRC says, “The epidemic of regulatory control through both public and private means has become flatly astonishing. The federal level agencies are expanding their authority through rule making and their state level counterparts line up for funding to help them expand their authority. We’ll be discussing a few of those examples at the meeting on Thursday. Particularly the DNR non point source pollution plan.”

Topics of conversation at this meeting will include the DNR plan, updates on Real ID and it’s implementation, new USDA rules on animal identification for cattle, and of very serious importance, the plan for banks to use “bail ins” in case of serious financial losses.

“If you care about private property rights, privacy, and the ability to profit from your labor, you should be at this meeting,” says Bob Parker, the other co-chair of the PRC. “Things are beyond the level of serious concern with the financial management of this nation, and we need to know what is happening so we can prepare “, Parker continued.

“We had to take off several months and now, for the New Year, we have a new place and some new topics about the same concern of protecting the freedoms we’ve been entrusted with,” said Hannes.

The public is welcome and the meeting is free to attend. The restaurant has a buffet, and the PRC asks that everyone come early and have a bite to eat before the meeting.

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