Only One Hour to Stop Boehner

Posted: January 6, 2015 in Legislative Issues

Sorry for the tardiness:

Call Jason Smith this morning.   He is not on the list of Congressmen voting against Boehnor for house speaker.  The vote is at 12:30 today.

Let’s remember principle:

Boehnor has voted:
  • against Repealing Obama Care
  • against IRS targeting conservatives
  • against Massey amendment to block NSA collecting data on citizens without a warrant
  • against Raines Act which would require a vote of congress on any new agency regulation
  • against auditing the fed
  • against EPA over reach
  • for raising the debt limit
  • for crombius bill–new record in federal spending and financing federal overreach and agenda 21
The man is compromised and only moves right when pressured to do so.
Smith needs to remain true to the people of the 8th district and stop spending and push back on Federal over reach.  If Smith is voting for him he is forgetting principle.
No compromise on truth.  No compromise even if it gets what you want.  This is the test of truth.
Call Smith now:    202-225-4404

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