No Diehl…Common Core Legislation Wreckage Explained by Top CC Activists

Posted: October 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

From Missouri Leadership Project…More on the effort to get decent and true representation in the Missouri General Assembly:

Front Line Warriors Fighting Common Core Speak Up
About The Legislative Session 


Because of the threat of the implementation of the new Common Core standards, many parents from across the state of Missouri watched two bills very carefully last session in the Missouri Legislature. A bill was filed to protect student data that Missouri Parents felt was a powerful bill that would have aggressively protected children and teachers, with punitive action for districts that ignored the importance of protecting students. That bill was called HB 1873. The bill made it out of committee, through the Rules Committee in the House, but never made it to the floor for a vote of our Representatives.

While we watched and waited, hoping for that bill to advance to the House Floor, we watched Mike Lair’s data bill, HB1157 be sent to the floor with very little support behind it. To the contrary, HB 1873 was supported by hundreds of parents from across the state, and dozens who showed up to either testify or show support of the bill in person. The bills were the polar opposites of one another. One bill truly protected student data, while the other gave statutory authority for bureaucrats to collect out childrens’ personal data. The only thing similar was the title of the bills.

For many of us who watched the bad bill advance , and the data protection bill so closely followed by so many parents across the state (HB 1873) be ignored by the floor leader of the House, it was clear that the lobbyists from Google and the Missouri School Board Association (the only two entities to oppose HB 1873) would see their special interests protected while the interests of the children of Missouri would be ignored. Mike Lair’s data bill was ushered to the floor, while the bill the people rooted for never saw the light of day on the Floor of the Missouri House. It was a grave disappointment. We felt as if majority floor leader, John Diehl, blocked the bill that meant so much to so many, in favor of a bill that we believe actually hurt kids.

The legislative process is complex and can be confusing, so we’ve tried to break it down into bite-size chunks, below…

For the full detailed report: CLICK HERE

Stacy Shore
Jill Carter



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