From Ron Calzone, with links for verification…Also, please sign the petition!:

We fought a hard battle to get the Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) passed and to the Governor’s desk in 2013. It was not unexpected when he vetoed it, but it was a big blow when two senators who had voted for it changed their votes and voted with Governor Nixon at the veto override session.

Those two senators heard from you, and in 2014 they made sure SAPA had every opportunity in the Senate. Indeed, SAPA sailed through the Senate, but the House of Representatives became the problem — especially one powerful man.

The legislative process can be complicated, and different people hold control over bills at different stages in the process. Navigating a revolutionary bill like SAPA through that process requires removing the obstacles one piece at a time. That’s what we did, and ultimately SAPA’s fate was in the hands of one man on the last day of the legislative session — Majority Floor Leader John Diehl.

John Diehl killed SAPA and tried to make it look like it was others’ fault.

Now John Diehl wants to be Speaker of the House, where he will be an obstacle to SAPA for the next two years.

Please follow the link, below, to learn about the sordid process of pre-selecting the Speaker and the role $1.4 million of special interest money plays. Find out how you can help and sign the No Diehl for Speaker petition we will be delivering to the House of Representatives.
Click here: How John Diehl killed SAPA!

Sign the No Diehl for Speaker petition!

For Liberty,

Ron Calzone


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