John Diehl…A Bad Deal for Liberty Minded Missourians

Posted: September 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

As most politically active people know, the legislative process can be ugly and unreasonable. Much of that has to do with the positions of power within the particular body of the Assembly. In Missouri, we have a rep who has thwarted, and flatly stopped many pieces of legislation that were positive for protecting our rights and constraining overreaching government intrusions into our liberty, and he is set to be the Speaker of the House this next session. That man is John Diehl. While there are others who have done the same in the past, unless Diehl is unseated from the Speaker position, he will be doing that for the next two years. But he is up for re-eclection in the 89th District in November. If he were to lose the election, he wouldn’t be able to assume the position of Speaker.

The Process is Corrupt

John Diehl is the Poster Child for Politics as Usual


Should he still win the position of Representative for the 89th District, the Republican caucus will meet shortly after the election and put forward their nominee for Speaker. Even though Diehl has been “selected” for the position, the representatives could pick someone else…Especially if the people from their own districts tell them they DO NOT want Diehl and let them know why.

Below you will find a message from Ron Calzone and the Missouri Leadership Project. There is important information in this email. You can download the trifold brochure HERE and print it out for yourself and others, but first, please read Ron’s message:

To my old and new friends who are committed to promoting good government in our republic,

Relying on the issue expertise and wisdom of many people, I have compiled, but not published,  a tri-fold brochure suitable for professional or home publication and use in a campaign to promote the reform of the legislative process in Jefferson City.

I am providing the attached document free of charge to anyone desiring to so use it.

IMPORTANT:  Anyone so using it MUST add a “Paid for notice” statement at the bottom of the first page, as required by Missouri ethics laws.   If an individual, or up to 5 individuals, pay for the printing, even if it’s his own printer, he (they) can simply put his (their) name(s) in the place provided  (e.g “Paid for by John Doe <address>”).   A campaign committee must use: “Paid for by (Committee Name), (Treasurer Name), Treasurer”.

If a group of Six or more citizens want to pitch in and pay for a printing, they can use, “For a list of sponsors contact John Doe, <street> <city, state, zip>.”

See the Ethics Commission document at:

In such cases, John Doe is not allowed to broadcast solicitations for donations, he must simply cooperate with his friends in the effort.

For example, Laura Hausladen and some friends are having about 1500 printed at a cost of about $500.   I’m sure she would welcome some more of her friends’ participation!

Anyone else, or any other group deciding to do what Laura is doing must do it as an independent effort, even though they are using the materials I am freely providing.   (I am merely providing materials, not coordinating any expenditure of funds.)

For liberty,

– Ron

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