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Posted: September 17, 2014 in Agenda 21/Sustainable Development, Legislative Issues
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OK! It’s time to get to the Nitty Gritty to
Stop Agenda 21
You Must Not Miss the Next 5 APC Webinars

From Tom DeWeese

In the first three FREE Monthly webinars I’ve shown you

  • Proof that our battle against Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is not a crazy Conspiracy Theory – I’ve even featured a video from Florida activists showing the arrogance of the planners who want you to just “shut up” and “trust them.”
  • The truth behind the NGOs who created Agenda 21, how they got to the United States and into your back  yard,
  • And the massive amounts of money they have to flood government at every level with their tyrannical policies – and where it comes from.

Now that we’ve built that foundation – now that you know who it is you are fighting — Now it’s time to…

Learn How To Stop Them!

That will be the focus of the next five monthly APC webinars. I am bringing to you some of the best minds in the freedom movement to show you how they are doing it. I will introduce you to activists who are fighting on the local level – just like you. I will introduce you to two of the most effective elected representatives who are carrying the fight on the state and county level. And I will bring you two of the most courageous “victims” of these policies (that the other side says don’t exist) and they will tell you what they did to fight back – what worked and what didn’t.

You will not learn this information anywhere else!

Here is the full schedule for the next five APC webinars:

Webinar Schedule

September 21st

I will introduce new tools and tactics and how to use them. Then I will introduce two leaders who are working on the front lines at the state and county level.

A.Mark Fitzgibbons – is an attorney and property rights advocate who helped write landmark property rights legislation to aid small farmers stand up to over-reaching county governments. That bill (The Boneta Bill) passed the Virginia state legislature. Now Mark is working on new legislative efforts that will make local and state officials responsible for their actions by removing their government shield of protection and allowing property owners to sue them directly. Hear Mark explain how this remarkable legislation will make overreaching officials think twice before they act.  He is also working on legislative ideas to stop zoning abuse – the root of Sustainable Development tyranny.  Mark Fitzgibbons is a one man revolution in the battle to rein in government sprawl and he will tell you how to do it in your legislature.

B.Rick Buchanan – is a local activist in Fauquier County, Virginia. His county government is getting a national reputation as one of the worst in the nation, essentially run by a tyrannical green group called the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC). They have worked in collusion with county elected officials and bureaucrats to harass property owners in the name of environmental protection. What is happening in Fauquier County is happening in nearly every community in America. That county is a perfect laboratory as a study on what is happening and what to do about it.  Rick Buchanan has been a leader in the fight to stop them. And his tactics are valuable to every freedom fighter in the nation. What happens when the Greens power structure is challenged? What will they do to fight back? How do you counter it? Rick has faced it all and is developing effective strategies for precinct organizing, creating alternative news sources and dealing with a reluctant GOP establishment that doesn’t want to fight back. Rick Buchanan is the activist you want in every state. He will tell you how to organize in yours.

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October 19th 

1. John Anthony – Head of Sustainable Freedom Lab, is a leading expert in dealing with Planners. He has met with them, he has debated them, and he has studied their goals, tactics and funding. John knows how to confront them and how to stop them. John has created a special report entitled “Inside the World of Planning” and he will show you the tactics they use behind the scenes to create regional planning and enforce Sustainable Development in your community and in your state. He’ll show you how grants taken voluntarily by local governments come attached to federal and international development dictates. The most important aspect of John Anthony’s presentation is that he is able to describe the intent, implementation and dangers of planning in a simple, clear manner that’s easy for everyone to understand. John Anthony is a leader in organizing local community activists to fight back against Agenda 21 

2. Hal Shurtleff/Larry Cleveland – Hal Shurtleff is a field coordinator for the John Birch Society and has been a tireless organizer in the fight against Agenda 21. We have been allies for years.  Larry Cleveland used to be just a normal resident living in a quiet town called Rindge, New Hampshire. Then one day Larry found out about some strange policies coming out of his city council that were going to affect his private property. He was horrified when he discovered new Sustainable Development policies about to invade his quiet town. He eventually teamed up with Hal Shurtleff and the battle was on. Larry created “Save our Town” and the result was that Rindge, New Hampshire succeeded in kicking Agenda 21 out. Step one was to get the town out of regional planning. Step two was to force local government to get voter approval before taking HUD grants. Step three was to elect the right people to the local government in the first place. They did all three. Hal Shurtleff and Larry Green have written the text book for stopping Agenda 21 at the local level and they are going to tell you how they did it. 

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November 16th

1.Through most of the 20+ years of my fight against Agenda 21, the one missing element was an elected official who would listen to us. Then one day that changed when one man learned about Agenda 21 and decided to run for county commissioner. Not only did he decide to run himself, but he put a team together to run united against it. They won and took over the country government of Carroll County, Maryland. They became the first local government to kick out ICLEI, then they fired the county Sustainability manager hired by the previous administration; then they sent back the county comprehensive plan to the planning commission, telling them to fix it so it protects property rights and adheres to the Constitution of the United States. Since then he has made amazing progress in reducing government overreach and securing true liberty in his county. He has been targeted by the Sustainablists and the Unions and he has beaten them all.  This American hero – Commissioner Richard Rothschild – will join us for this incredible webinar session to tell us how he did it and what we can all do to duplicate his efforts.

2. In 2009 I met an outstanding young legislator from the State of Washington. In fact, I met him at the Freedom 21 Conference he attended in Dallas to learn more about Agenda 21. Since then he has become an outstanding leader in the fight, even holding his own conferences on the issue. More importantly, he organized a coalition of like minded legislators in the Washington state legislature and they put together the Freedom Agenda complete with legislation to curb the tide of government over reach and restore liberty. This past session the coalition experienced significant victories.  This American hero – Representative Matt Shea – will also join us in this one incredible session to tell us how he did it and what we need to do in our own legislatures to duplicate it.

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December 14th    

Nine days before Christmas I’m going to get you into the holiday spirit by sharing some maddening, yet inspirational stories of two regular Americas who suddenly found themselves in the middle of the Sustainable vice grip. These are victims of the monstrous policies in which Scrooge style government has become so corrupt under the outrageous power of Sustainable planning policies that they no longer care how they affect individuals who are just trying to live their day to day lives. They will tell what happened to them; the hopelessness they faced and how they rose up to fight back. One was successful and one was not. We’ll tell you why in both cases.

Martha Boneta, the organic farmer from Virginia has been under siege by the county government, in collusion with the Piedmont Environmental Council, because she refused to get a special permit to allow her to have a birthday party for a friend’s ten year old daughter. She had her farm store shut down, still faces an IRS audit, harassment from the PEC and a court case. Martha Boneta has fought an incredible battle that has had a major impact on small farmers across the state and perhaps the nation. 

I’ll also have one more victim’s story to share with you.

After these presentations, I am going to announce plans for the January session in which I’ll announce a 5 point plan to Stop Agenda 21.

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January 18th

 Announcement of the Five Point Plan

This is what it has all been leading up to. I started work on this plan over a year ago, but had to put it on hold when I got sick in February, 2013. Since then I’ve learned new things and have been able to improve the plan. Now it’s ready. All of my 47 years experience in political activism tells me this plan, if and when fully implemented, will create a force like has never been put into the fight against Agenda 21. I said my goal was to crush it and I meant it and this is the plan. OJanuary 18, 2015 I will announce the plan and tell  how you can make use of it as an effective tool in your fight.  

Now, today, this is our moment. This is our chance to crush Agenda 21. But it will only happen if you join us. 

From this point forward, from September, to October, to November, to December the webinars will be a building block toward a specific goal – to assure that thousands of American property rights activists and pro-freedom patriots are trained and ready to fight – all leading to the very special webinar session in January when I will release the details of the five point plan to crush Agenda 21

So, I urge everyone who wants to end this tyranny to go into the archives and view the previous three sessions. Then mark you calendar to join us on September 21. Above all, get your friends, neighbors, members of your activist groups, family, elected officials who may be a friend. I need everyone possible to build our ranks for these free webinars. We have had a steady 1200 people participating so far – but to win we need thousands more. That will create a grassroots political force unlike anything the Sustainablists ever could have anticipated.  We can become their worst nightmare.

We can crush Agenda 21 and start the drive to end this massive government overreach, rising taxes, shortages of energy destruction of business, and trampling of property rights. That is Agenda 21. Please join me to make it happen.

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