If You Need More Convincing that Common Core is Garbage, Here You Go!

Posted: September 16, 2014 in Education
ZCommonCore2Common Core has simply got to go. Aside from the fact that it serves as a federal intrusion into what should be state-run educational curriculums, Common Core is rife with obscene propaganda that indoctrinates children and offers laughable methods of learning that is truly indicative of a bureaucratic mindset.
Whereas once children were told to learn how to do math through tried-and-true methods, the geniuses at Common Core have invented innumerable new ways to convolute math in a manner that is predictably the kind of thing one might expect to see from a bureaucracy.
According to toprightnews.com, a mother saw the ridiculous method by which her child was supposed to solve an equation and she stepped in. Below is a picture of her response:
Common Core poses many dangers to our children. Beyond the obvious flaws of a “one size fits all’ form or federal education, the standards also instill a “groupthink” mentality- an instilling in children that needlessly complicating the learning process in order to accept what the federal government says is the correct approach over what common sense should prove is ridiculous.

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Here is the link to the article.


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