Important Event in Ozark

Posted: September 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

From Dr. Mary Byrne:


Attention SW Missourians and those of you who know voters in SWMO:
WHAT: Conservatives Protect Our Local Schools Press conference is holding a press conference in SWMO to kick off a get out the vote campaign to defeat Amendment 3 on the November ballot.
WHEN: Tuesday, September 16, 2014 @ 10:00 am
WHERE: Ozark Courthouse, 102 W Brick, Ozark MO 65721
WHY: Amendment 3 is an insidious initiative to turn local control of classrooms to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. It would constitutionally protect a badly designed teacher evaluation plan embedded in the Common Core State Standards Initiative and described in Missouri’s No Child Left Behind Waiver application.
BE INFORMED: I have attached two documents.
(1) a Word file that breaks down the language of Amendment 3 to expose its negative effects. The table shows the initiative petition language and the real meaning of the language. If Amendment 3 is passed, local school boards will lose their authority and discretion over criteria for retaining, promoting, demoting, dismissing, removing, discharging and setting compensation for certified staff — that’s right, teachers are re-categorized as staff, which is another agenda I will not dwell on here.; and
(2) an e-mail from within DESE that was sunshined earlier this year and exposes changes Commissioner Nicastro made to the fiscal note worksheet for Amendment 3 that hides the significant costs and risk of lawsuits to local districts if it passes. Commissioner Nicastro’s collaboration with initiative proponents was reported in newspapers throughout the state:
You may have read that proponents of Amendment 3 have folded their tent and will not actively promote the issue, but proponents are counting on a low voter turnout of conservatives because only one down ballot statewide position is up for election.

State representatives from the SWMO area will be present to show demonstrate their opposition to Amendment 3.
Please contact as many people in SWMO as possible to turn out for this press conference and show proponents of Amendment 3, SWMO is protecting local control of our schools.


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