Liberty Billboard for Missouri

Posted: August 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

This is an excellent site to promote your event to those who are interested in liberty. Many thanks for this!


Launching April 19th ~ the Original Patriots Day!


LibertyBillboardLogo Patriot’s One Stop Event Calendar!

The World’s Most Efficient Way to Promote Liberty Events!

Exposure to Nearly 10,000 Community Calenders With Just One Posting! ~ Stop Preaching to Just the Choir!

Post Events Free Easily Add Images, Videos, & Web Links. Put in the address of the event and watch Google Mapping lead the way! Discover patriotic meetings you never knew about right around the corner!

Default Location is set for Jefferson City Missouri with a 200 mile radius which covers the state. This is a great way to see what is happening around the state and increase exposure of your own events. Easily change location and narrow down radius with a click!

Spread the word. Liberty Billboard works if we work it! Inform those you know who organize events and encourage them to make Liberty Billboard part of their event promotion, free and with just a few clicks.

LibertyBillboard is NOT limited to Missouri! Add events anywhere in the country! Contact me so I can help launch YOUR State!

If every patriot that reads this,  posts just two events and tells two others we can all unite and make a strong voice heard.

Your local city and county council meetings is just one way to help others get involved. Meet up groups, etc.

Step by Step Instructions to Add Events!

Click on Upcoming Events to the Right.

Browse around, click on some events get comfortable.

Click on Add Event. Follow along.

Right click to copy is not active, so use keystroke shortcut Control V to paste.

  1. Type in the Venue, it might automatically Pop Up! If not , Add New. It will be there next time for you! Add Date and a Great Title! Now the Time Slot.
  2. Put in a description. This is your opportunity to SELL your meeting? Ask yourself and answer the question “Why would anyone want to attend my event?!” You might go to a familiar website that already has great descriptive copy to use to SELL your cause! Website Link if you have one.
  3. Pick an image to use consistently for easy recognition by your audience. Need an image, easy, just go to google and search images! Right click save image in a file.
  4. Add a Video Link. Search YouTube for a video to SELL your cause!
  5. When you get to the end, be sure to click to the left for FREE listing.

Every event is verified by a LIVE PERSON to make sure it is legitimate. This is why you need to leave your contact info and why it can take a few hours to be posted. If you do not see your event posted in 24 hours contact them and/or me.



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