Lawrence County Meeting: June 3rd!

Posted: June 2, 2014 in Meetings

From Eric Vimont of Lawrence County:

Hi Friends, This is a last reminder that our meeting tomorrow is to give a man who stood up to the global power structure, and was slandered and swept out of their way, an opportunity to set the record straight.(long sentence)
Please take the time to say thank you by joining us, details below.

N.V.N.C (No Victim No Crime)

I am sending this notice out a little early because the subject is so important and rare in our time, namely TRUTH and setting the record straight.
Dan Clevenger will tell the untold story of the agenda to politically “lynch” him, by the pro-totalitarian regime in Marionville.

The message that we must understand, and tell is that the Agenda 21, Total Control Ideas are HERE, and if you appose them you will be destroyed!!!!!

Please come, please tell your friends, please spread the word.

FYI. I grew up out in the Pacific Northwest and have first hand experience opposing these same crimes. Due to being right next to California (and other things) the Globalist driven ideas of Agenda 21 etc. have been destroying good things out West for many years now.
It is very much the same program that we all just saw in Nevada with Cliven Bundy, “you have no rights” only the collective IE. the greater good, is important.

!!!!!!!!MAKE NO MISTAKE IT IS HERE!!!!!!!!!! And if we don’t stop it, YOU/ WE will lose many things that we value.

This issue boils down to this, Will you have Freedom or be a Slave. It is also why the Ozarks Property Rights Alliance exists. To help stop the march to total control!!!

We will meet on Tues. the 3rd of June, at 7:30 pm. at the Crazy Red heads Bakery.

Dan will tell us what the “media” would not.

Also updates on Mike Wasson’s battle, and info on future speakers at our meetings etc. will be discussed.

Also the Bakery where we will meet has light food IE. soup, sandwiches, Salad, and of course wonderful fresh, local, ingredient, deserts. Lets plan to say we appreciate the location by ordering something. : “That Crazy Red Head’s Bakery” is at 218 S. Hickory, Mt. Vernon Mo. The directions are from exit 46 go west on the business loop to the 1st stop light (Hickory)(By Subway), turn right and go approx. 5 blocks, the bakery will be on your right just before you reach the Square. If you are coming from the West, then go East on Business loop to 2nd Stop light (Hickory)(By Subway), turn Left and go approx. 5 blocks, the bakery will be on your right just before you reach the Square. See you There. In Freedom,

As always Tell a friend, and we will see you there, Lord Willing.


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