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The Missouri DNR is basically enacting the EPA’s Clean Water Restoration Act with no statutory oversight at all. The EPA, meanwhile, is trying to “clarify” it’s rules on the Clean Water Act, which legitimately passed through Congress.

The basic issue is that the EPA is trying to broaden it’s authority to implement aspects of the Clean Water Restoration Act via the rule making process.

Here’s an article about the opposition the EPA is encountering:

Fears of EPA ‘land grab’ create groundswell against water rule

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Red Deer River [EXPLORED]

Lawmakers are up in arms over an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposal that they fear could give federal officials expansive new powers over private property and farmland.

The EPA is seeking to redefine what bodies of water fall under the agency’s jurisdiction for controlling pollution. The scope of the final Clean Water Act (CWA) rule is of critical importance, as any area covered would require a federal permit for certain activities.

The rule is facing a groundswell of opposition from lawmakers, who fear the EPA is engaged in a “land grab” that could stop farmers and others from building fences, digging ditches or draining ponds.

More than 260 lawmakers, spanning both chambers and parties, have come out against the EPA’s action.

A group of 231 members of the House recently sent a letter to the EPA and the Army Corps asking them to withdraw the regulation. The group included almost the entire House Republican conference, as well as 19 Democrats.

“Although your agencies have maintained that the rule is narrow and clarifies CWA jurisdiction, it in face aggressively expands federal authority under the CWA while bypassing Congress and creating unnecessary ambiguity,” the lawmakers wrote.

The proposed rule is eight years in the making, and aims to clear up ambiguity in federal regulations that the EPA says was created by a series of Supreme Court decisions.

The EPA says the new rule — dubbed “Waters of the United States,” or “WOTUS” — would not massively expand its authority, nor would it create powers over back yards, wet spots or puddles.

“It would reduce the scope of waters covered under the Clean Water Act compared to the existing regulations on the book,” EPA Deputy Administrator Bob Perciasepe recently told the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. “It would not assert jurisdiction over any type of waters not previously protected over the past 40 years.”

Those assurances haven’t won over lawmakers, who say the rule is exceptionally broad.

“The rule would place features such as ditches, ephemeral drainages, ponds (natural or man-made, prairie potholes, seeps, flood plains, and other occasionally or seasonally wet areas under federal control,” the House lawmakers wrote in their letter.

The Senate also has a significant faction fighting the EPA’s action. Thirty Republican senators signed onto a bill introduced this week that would prevent the EPA and the Army Corps from moving forward.

“After already calling on the EPA and Army Corps to withdraw the proposed rule, I want to make sure that the expansion of regulatory jurisdiction over ‘Waters of the United States’ is shelved for good,” said Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.), the bill’s main sponsor.

“This straightforward legislation prohibits the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and the secretary of the Army from finalizing the rule or trying a similar regulation in the future.”

At least four other Republican senators have directly asked the Obama administration to drop the rule.

On the other side of Capitol Hill, lawmakers are using the power of the purse to stop the EPA in its tracks.

The House Appropriations Committee passed a bill on June 18 that funds the Energy Department and the Army Corps, and included a provision that would prohibit the Army Corps from working on the water rule.

Both the Appropriations Committee and Rep. Ken Calvert (R-Calif.), chairman of the subcommittee that oversees funding for the EPA and the Interior Department, declined to discuss whether they would seek to block the rule as well.

The House has held a series of hearings on the water rule to highlight the fierce opposition from agriculture groups, the stone industry, developers and local governments.

The EPA, meanwhile, is trying to fight what it calls major misconceptions about the rule. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy reached out specifically to the agriculture community with a piece in the Farm Journal.

“Our proposed rule will not add to or expand the scope of waters historically protected under the Clean Water Act,” she wrote. “It will not regulate groundwater or tile drainage systems; and it will not increase regulation of ditches (whether they are irrigation or drainage).”

EPA officials are planning to ramp up outreach to affected groups this summer to address their concerns and clarify what the rule would do, spokeswoman Liz Purchia said.

Environmental advocates are also lining up support.

“This rule is incredibly important for the conservation community and for protecting our nation’s rivers and streams,” said Joshua Zaks, the National Wildlife Federation’s top lobbyist.

Zacks characterized the Capitol Hill opposition as a “vocal minority,” and said the country supports clean water.

“We have great champions in Congress who are standing up on this as well,” he said.

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From Bill Gracy of Barry County PRC:
Here is the latest info on the DNR (DRAFT) Nonpoint Source Management Plan.  I have researched the Plan and see many comparisons to the Blueway.  THIS TIME IT COVERS THE ENTIRE STATE!

This info should be sent to your State and Federal Representatives.  Encourage your State Reps to contact THEIR fellow Reps to get Missouri-widespread opposition to this.  This is above the county level right now, since it is A STATE WIDE ISSUE.  Our best bet is using our State Reps to put pressure on the DNR.

At the Federal Level urge them to support HR 3377 and S 890 to prevent this huge power grab by the EPA.

I’ve attached SAMPLE QUESTIONS TO ASK THE DNR based on language from the DNR Plan in comparison with the Blueway Memorandum.  We need to start engaging our fellow citizens to get the word out.

I’ve attached some TALKING POINTS  which can be used to educate your friends.  (see below)

I used them just this morning when I called in to KWTO 560 AM 417 862-9977.  They gave me about 4-5 minutes and I was able to get 7 of these talking points out over the air.


Another good station is FM 94.7 417 447-5743

We have until July 8th to make our voices heard at the DNR.  Comments to the EPA re: their proposed rule change ends on July 21st.

DNR Plan & EPA Proposed Rule

      DNR NPS Draft Plan  July 8, 2014

      The Department of Natural Resources, Water Protection Program, Watershed Protection Section, P.O. Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176

      Email to Emails should provide contact information of the sender (i.e., name, mailing address, phone number) and include “Nonpoint Source Management Plan” in the subject line.


      EPA Proposed Rule Change  JULY 21, 2014

      Email: Include EPA–HQ–OW–2011–0880 in the subject line of the message.

      Federal eRulemaking Portal:

      Follow the instructions for submitting comments.


You can download the source documents as shown:

      1 DNR Draft Plan available at –

      2 Our Missouri Waters –

      3 EPA Plan EJ2014:

Feel free to use any or all of this information as you like.  Pass it on, especially to your State Reps!  We’d like THEM TO START ASKING THE DNR THESE SAME QUESTIONS.  RIGHT NOW THEY HAVE THE MOST POWER OVER THE DNR!



store, or better yet, on your local radio stations.

• The EPA wants natural and manmade DITCHES defined as TRIBUTARIES.

• Permits may be required just to pick up trash or remove vegetation from a ditch.

• Permits may be required to build a fence or pond.

• Permits may be required to apply pesticides.


Congress says: The Regulatory Flexibility Act requires EPA to assess the economic

impacts of their rules on small businesses, BEFORE THEY MAKE THE RULE.

Congress says: The proposed EPA the rule has NO SCIENTIFIC BASIS!

Congress says: The proposed EPA the rule IS LEGALLY UNSOUND!

Congress says: The proposed EPA the rule WILL HAVE A DISASTROUS IMPACT ON


Congress says: The EPA Rule will “impose unnecessary burdens on farmers and small


Congress says: Permitting can be a costly and time consuming for small businesses.

Congress says: Future development of our land may be affected and diminish our

property value.

The DNR just Drafted a “Nonpoint Source Management Plan” which is based upon

these EPA rules. It divides up the ENTIRE STATE INTO WATERSHEDS!


Last year they wanted to control the White River Watershed, this year they want to


EVERYONE LIVES IN A WATERSHED, and now the DNR wants to control my ditches?

This sounds more and more like the White River Blueway from last year only THIS


This is like the BLUEWAY ON STEROIDS!

How much of our property rights will be taken away if we can’t clean a ditch without a

permit? This is BASIC STUFF and the DNR wants to regulate it!

How much will a permit cost just to pick up trash out of a ditch? I guess the snakes

and chiggers will like it! Then what happens to our property values?

I had a mud puddle in my yard after the rains last week. WILL THE DNR CALL THAT A

DITCH, uh I mean Tributary? WILL I have to GET A PERMIT TO MOW THE LAWN?

Congress says: The EPA RULE “includes imprecise and broadly-defined terms such

as ‘riparian area’ and ‘floodplain’”.

Land bordering a body of water is called a “riparian area”, so I guess the new

“tributary” in front of the house makes my yard a “riparian area”? Do I have to let it grow


The DNR wants to “restore riparian habitat”, will they “restore” my front yard?

Congress says: The proposed EPA Rule SHOULD BE WITHDRAWN. AND I AGREE!

conduct small business advocacy review panels to get input from affected small businesses

before proposing a rule. Furthermore, the RFA requires all agencies

proposed definition includes a number of imprecise and broadly-defined terms such

as ‘adjacent,’ ‘riparian area’ and ‘floodplain’ that do not clearly delineate which waters are


to with concerns about the EPA, through Missour DNR, taking away our property rights!

Questions comparing the DNR Plan to the Blueway. Make the comparison of

“Watershed” language within the DNR Nonpoint Source Plan with that of the former White

River “Watershed” National Blueway language.

and ask questions comparing the DNR Plan to the Blueway. “This looks like just another

Blueway covering the entire State of Missouri?”

The DNR Plan uses EPA Guidelines, so tie this DNR Plan to the EPA Rulemaking, which would

then be subject to EPA control.





You are invited to meet with the Howell County Campaign for Liberty Group Thursday, June 19. At 7:00p Howell County Presiding Commissioner Mark Collins will speak, giving us an overview of responsibilities of the county commissioners.  Also speaking will be Mike Coldiron, Director of the Howell County Emergency Management group , who will explain the county emergency plan and answer questions.  We meet at Chen’s Garden, 1705 Gibson, in West Plains.  Come at 6:00p to eat and visit.

This month’s agenda:


  • 7:00 – report on meetings of interest around the state
    • 7:30 – Mark Collins – Overview of County Commissioner’s responsibilities
    • 7:45 – Mike Coldiron – Present the county emergency plan



Howell County Presiding Commissioner Mark Collins will speak, giving us an overview of responsibilities of the county commissioners.  I would like find out where he stand on government aid, especially the providing of military equipment for the sheriff department’s use.


Also speaking will be Mike Coldiron, Director of the Howell County Emergency Management group , who will explain the county emergency plan.  With what kinds of emergencies is the county prepared to cope?  The big question – is the county ready for a collapse of the federal government?


We will have reports bring us up to date in the following areas:


–         White River Blueway/Ozark National Scenic Riverways

–         New water control plans

–         DOR meetings

–         America’s Voice Now plans

–         Southern Missouri Secession

–         COS update

–         Candidates for offices

–         Other –



There is only one contested race for a county office in Howell County.  That is between a Republican and a Libertarian for the office of Circuit Clerk.


Are there other offices you would like to learn something about?  I could probably get the candidates to talk to us even if they don’t have competition.


For a number of reasons, the Republican party is missing the following committee persons:

Chapel             both

Dry Creek        Committeewoman

Goldsberry       both

Hutton Valley   Committeewoman

Myatt               Committeeman

Siloam Springs  both


Open seats can be filled at the first meeting if we have volunteers there to fill them.  I will be checking with people I know to fill some of those positions.  If you know of conservative folks living in any of those areas talk to them about this opportunity or if you prefer, give me their names and I will approach them.  August is rapidly approching.


I have candidates for both in Siloam Springs and, maybe, Hutton Valley.

The Missouri DNR (and their counterpart in virtually every other State in the Union) has taken point on bringing about the EPA’s desired Clean Water Restoration Act plans. The CWRA never made it through Congress, but the EPA has no compunctions about handing out money to State agencies to have them move forward without legislative oversight by taking a full on back door approach to control land, water and people through “integrated land and watershed management”.

The ploy is coming to your doorstep via “nonpoint source” pollution management plans. Missouri’s plan is contained in a 166 page pdf, and it not fun reading…at least not for me. Here is a link to the pdf. You may make comments to the DNR through July 8th regarding the NPS Management Plan.

If past agency actions mean anything, they will say, “This is only a draft!” Well, as my friend Bob said regarding the National Animal Identification dissimulation, “It’s like finding a diary of a guy with very detailed plans about how he is going to come into your house, take all of your possessions and then rape and murder your wife and children, in extreme detail. When you confront him with it, he says, ‘Why are you so upset? It’s just a draft.'”

Here again is the link to the Missouri DNR “draft” for Nonpoint Source Pollution Management.


Areas to be managed under the NPS Management Plan. Note that they extend beyond the borders of Missouri.

Critical to understanding this plan are the definitions. Following are the most important definitions for our understanding.

First of all, we have to know what “noinpoint source pollution” means. From the plan, here it is:

Nonpoint source (NPS) pollution: Occurs when water runs over land or through the ground, picks up natural or human-made pollutants, and deposits them in surface waters or groundwater. Pollutants commonly associated with NPS include nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen), pathogens, clean sediments, oil and grease, salt, and pesticides.

Then we need to know what specifically the agency defines as “pollutant”. NPS is what occurs when water runs over land or through the ground….like when it rains. So we look for the definition of “pollutant”. Here it is:

Pollutant: Dredged spoil, solid waste, incinerator reside, sewage, garbage, sewer sludge, munitions, chemical waste, biological material, radioactive materials, heat, wrecked or discarded equipment, rock, sand, cellar dirt, filter backwash or industrial, municipal or agricultural waste discharged into water.

Rock? Sand? Biological material? How on earth are you supposed to stop rain and wind from moving rock, sand and…leaves, pollen, bugs, skin cells, egg shells, or other “biological material”? Obviously you can mitigate animal waste from livestock to a certain degree, but you can’t stop the trees.

Ok, fine. So we are again going to remove nature from involving itself in natural processes. If you are familiar with “good agricultural practices”, you already know about that.

Now then, what exactly is it that the DNR is going to “manage”? Well, “waters of the state” via “watershed” management. So how have they defined “waters of the state”? Here it is…and it is not good:

Waters of the state: All rivers, streams, lakes, and other bodies of surface and subsurface water lying within or forming a part of the boundaries of the state which are not entirely confined and located completely upon lands owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by a single person or by two (2) or more people jointly or as tenants in common. These waters also include waters of the United States lying within or adjacent to the state.

And then the watershed portion of their management is the real cherry on top in this plan. Here’s their definition:

Watershed: An area of land that catches rainfall and snowmelt, which then drains into low-lying bodies of water. Watersheds come in all shapes and sizes, from a few acres to over a million square miles and are sometimes difficult to delineate. Consequently, Hydrologic Unit Codes (HUCs) were created to logically convey the drainage relationship of stream systems, watersheds, and larger river basins.

 So, even if you have a pond that is wholly contained on your property and you are a single person with free and clear title and no grant money that might cloud your title, you are still within a water shed, and therefore you fall into their management plan for “nonpoint source pollution”, which is anything that might get into water.

 Following are some things that they intend to achieve through this new management plan. These will look very familiar to those who fought the White River Blueway designation at this time last year:

 •Removing dams and levees

•Keeping a buffer zone from livestock

•Wetland Restoration and Renaturalization

The restoration of wetlands that are hydrologically connected to surface waters is important for the effective filtering of NPS pollutants. Projects that restore previously existing wetland areas that are being degraded through existing land uses such as farming, mowing or other activities are encouraged. 

 Nutrient management projects (must include more than planning); 

 Sediment control projects (particularly riparian or other filter areas); 

 Some forestry BMPs; 

 Some controlled drainage projects; 

 Livestock exclusion and manure management projects; 

 Conservation crop rotation projects with cover crops; 

 Riparian re-vegetation and/or protection projects; and 

 Buffers and field borders. 

It’s beginning to sound entirely too familiar, isn’t it? The US Army Corps of Engineers and the USDA and EPA are partners in this plan. They will be doling out grant money to increase “stakeholder” support for these NPS management plans.

Please contact your County Commissioners and your State Representatives about this. It is entirely too overreaching and  they are planning on throwing around grant money like we aren’t nearly 18 trillion dollars in debt.

Comments should be submitted to the Department of Natural Resources, Water Protection Program, Watershed Protection Section, P.O. Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176 or by email to Emails should provide contact information of the sender (i.e., name, mailing address, phone number) and include “Nonpoint Source Management Plan” in the subject line.




Commonsense Property Rights Coalition to Meet
The Common Sense Property Rights Coalition will meet Monday June 9  at 6 pm at the Spring Dipper on Highway 63 in Mammoth Springs. The primary speaker of the evening will be Dawn McPherson, continuing her talk on handling medical emergencies when no doctor is available.  Also speaking will be Stephen Wayne Clark and other candidates for local/county office according to Co-Chair Kevin Jotz.
Jotz said  “This is an organization concerned with protection of private property rights. The group believes that without protections of private property rights nothing else is secure. The right to own and reasonably use private property is a cornerstone of the U.S. Constitution, differentiating our country from others around the world. As John Adams, one of our nation’s Founding Fathers and our second president, said: ‘The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence.’”
Jotz added, “Future speakers will include other candidates for office in our area. We welcome all area residents interested in private property rights, food freedom and protection of constitutional rights to attend, or to call us for more information at 417-264-2435 or 417-270-1724.”


From Eric Vimont of Lawrence County:

Hi Friends, This is a last reminder that our meeting tomorrow is to give a man who stood up to the global power structure, and was slandered and swept out of their way, an opportunity to set the record straight.(long sentence)
Please take the time to say thank you by joining us, details below.

N.V.N.C (No Victim No Crime)

I am sending this notice out a little early because the subject is so important and rare in our time, namely TRUTH and setting the record straight.
Dan Clevenger will tell the untold story of the agenda to politically “lynch” him, by the pro-totalitarian regime in Marionville.

The message that we must understand, and tell is that the Agenda 21, Total Control Ideas are HERE, and if you appose them you will be destroyed!!!!!

Please come, please tell your friends, please spread the word.

FYI. I grew up out in the Pacific Northwest and have first hand experience opposing these same crimes. Due to being right next to California (and other things) the Globalist driven ideas of Agenda 21 etc. have been destroying good things out West for many years now.
It is very much the same program that we all just saw in Nevada with Cliven Bundy, “you have no rights” only the collective IE. the greater good, is important.

!!!!!!!!MAKE NO MISTAKE IT IS HERE!!!!!!!!!! And if we don’t stop it, YOU/ WE will lose many things that we value.

This issue boils down to this, Will you have Freedom or be a Slave. It is also why the Ozarks Property Rights Alliance exists. To help stop the march to total control!!!

We will meet on Tues. the 3rd of June, at 7:30 pm. at the Crazy Red heads Bakery.

Dan will tell us what the “media” would not.

Also updates on Mike Wasson’s battle, and info on future speakers at our meetings etc. will be discussed.

Also the Bakery where we will meet has light food IE. soup, sandwiches, Salad, and of course wonderful fresh, local, ingredient, deserts. Lets plan to say we appreciate the location by ordering something. : “That Crazy Red Head’s Bakery” is at 218 S. Hickory, Mt. Vernon Mo. The directions are from exit 46 go west on the business loop to the 1st stop light (Hickory)(By Subway), turn right and go approx. 5 blocks, the bakery will be on your right just before you reach the Square. If you are coming from the West, then go East on Business loop to 2nd Stop light (Hickory)(By Subway), turn Left and go approx. 5 blocks, the bakery will be on your right just before you reach the Square. See you There. In Freedom,

As always Tell a friend, and we will see you there, Lord Willing.


Major Announcement:

Tom DeWeese to host a series of
FREE Webinars
to teach activists how
to stop Agenda 21!

Why do you need to attend this online event?
Have you seen the coordinated attacks against us?

There have been four major attacks in the last four weeks:

1st. The American Planning Association issued its report entitled: The Actions of Discontent.

2nd. The Southern Poverty Law Center’s “in depth” report was titled: “Agenda 21, the UN, Sustainability and Right-wing Conspiracy Theory.

3rd. Natural Resources Defense Council and Tree called me “the king of conspiracy theories.”

4th. Last week, Newsweek magazine published “The Plots to Destroy America” – based entirely from the SPLC report.

All of these reports are directed at you and me and our fight against Agenda 21.

“Conspiracy Theory.”  “Fringe Nuts!”  “Extremists!”

These attacks indicate that they are terrified of us. The SPLC report said that we are “starting to have an impact.” Obviously, we are doing something right!

However, in view of these attacks we have more work to do. The fight is getting very serious. They fear defeat and I smell victory if we can coordinate our efforts and use stronger, more effective tactics.

This is where you come in. Join me in these monthly American Policy Center-sponsored Webinars to STOP AGENDA 21.

In my monthly webinars, I am going to begin by introducing Agenda 21. From there, each month I will go into more detail about the issue and the tactics necessary to fight. I will explain the documents that directly tie the American Planning Association and government programs to Agenda 21–the documents our opponents refuse to acknowledge.

Additionally, I will bring in experts from the field, like Mike Coffman (one of the most knowledgeable about the history of Agenda 21) and Mike Chapman (one of the best experts in the nation on the ties to Agenda 21 and the education curriculum. I will cover Common Core and Smart Meters. I will bring in elected officials who have been successful in blocking Agenda 21 policies, including Carroll County, Maryland Commissioner Richard Rothschild. I will also make the Agenda 21 ties to Obamacare. Finally, I am going to bring in some of the victims of these policies (which the Sustainabilists deny exist) like farmer Martha Boneta and Jennie Granato (who had her property destroyed by a bike lane through her front yard).

At the end of each webinar, there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions.

The first Stop Agenda 21 Webinar is scheduled for Sunday, June 8th at 6:00pm EST.

This first session will be an introduction to Agenda 21.

If you already know about the issue and feel you won’t need this information, this is still a great opportunity for you to invite friends, even an elected official, to learn more about Agenda 21.

It’s all Free. All you have to do is sign up on our web site:

Please share this important notice with your entire list of activists  and friends. Post it on your web sites and on facebook.

Now is the time to organize like never before – to build an army of informed and effective activists using the best tactics to stop Agenda 21.

Now is the time to Stop Agenda 21 and restore American Freedom!

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