Ask Nixon to Do the Right Thing

Posted: May 30, 2014 in Uncategorized
Call/Email Governor Nixon TODAY
VETO Senate Bill 506 & House Bill 1326
Stop the New Beef Check-Off!

Unfortunately, the bad check-off language passed in the last week of the 2014 legislature…But, Governor Nixon can still stop this unpopular, unaccountable program!  

SB 506 and HB 1326 are omnibus agriculture bills that include a beef check-off provision that would be harmful to Missouri’s cattle farmers.

These bills will allow the MO Beef Council to charge producers an additional state beef check-off fee in addition to the federal check-off producers are already paying.  The check-off provision, which is identical in both bills, is extremely unpopular with MO cattle producers and the vaguely worded language is an imprudent way of making policy that will impact over 50,000 Missouri cattle producers.

Please Call Governor Nixon at
(573) 751-3222 & Email Him HERE!
Ask him to VETO SB 506 & HB 1326!

*If you are a livestock producer, please let him know you are and that you oppose any additional beef check-off increase.

Multi-national, corporate agriculture and retailers LOVE the Beef Check-Off.  They get advertising for free and reap the benefits—all out of the pocket of independent cattle producers.  AND, the organizations that benefit from the current Beef Check-Off also OPPOSE many policies that are good for family farms, our communities and our food supply—like Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) and a more transparent, competitive and fair marketplace.  And, NOW THEY WANT MORE!  


  • This mandatory assessment/tax on every head of cattle sold in MO would amount to millions of dollars (over $1 million per year) that producers could be spending in their local economies or on their farming operations.
  • Missouri cattle producers are already paying over $2 million per year in the mandated federal Beef Check-Off program.  And, this new check-off could be increased every year in perpetuity—there is no limit in statute to constrain the amount of money that can be collected by the MO Beef Council with the backing of a very small minority of MO cattle producers.  We don’t need any more unaccountable beef check-off programs and taxes. 
  • Thousands of MO cattle producers have expressed their opposition to this new check off.   
  • Contrary to what the supporters of the new beef check off tax say, it is not voluntary; If producers are forced to pay into a program—it’s MANDATORY and nothing more than a tax!
  • Governor Nixon should not go on record supporting a new beef check off tax on Missouri cattle farmers.

THANK YOU again for all your time and efforts!

Rhonda, Tim, Brian and all of us at MRCC


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