Mountain Grove PRC Meets May 22nd at 7pm

Posted: May 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

Mountain Grove Property Rights Group Last Spring Meeting

The Mountain Grove PRC (Property Rights Coalition) will be meeting on Thursday, May 22nd in the ConnXtion Entertainment Center large meeting room.

The meeting will begin promptly at 7pm and ends at 9pm. Bob Parker, co-chair of PRC states “Our interest has always been in preserving and fighting for private property rights. We strongly, and effectively, advocate to protect property owners from losing their ability to exercise their rights.”

The topics of the meeting will include updates on the State legislative session, new information regarding privatization of National Parks, newly proposed DNR non-point pollution regulations, and info about future meetings. Bob Parker says, “The citizens need to know how these agencies are expanding their authority and destroying the God given rights of the people without their knowledge and even without the oversight of the elected officials.”

Doreen Hannes will be covering the methodology being employed by several of the federal agencies to take control of land use for agriculture including a brief history of the BLM activities in confiscating cattle prior to the Bundy Ranch incident in Nevada.

Hannes says, “This will be the last meeting for awhile. We are planning a large meeting for August, but in the interim, people need to be aware of the latest regulatory controls coming along. Most importantly, they need to know effective actions they can take to protect their rights.”

PRC meetings are open to all interested people and are free to attend. Visit for more information.

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