Prepper Seminars…Food for Thought

Posted: May 8, 2014 in Meetings
From Mike Slack of Commonsense PRC:
This came in from Craig Wiles. I’ve taken his seminars and recommend them.
How prepared is your homestead for an emergency?
Emergency Preparedness Seminar; Seymour MO. Thursday nights at 6:30. Starting this Thursday, May 8th. Will be held at the Methodist Church at Main and Clinton.
Any questions call Charlie at 417-935-2828 or Craig at 417-830-4039.
Invite everyone; but BRING those you might need to take care of in a crisis. Friends, neighbors, family, coworkers.
This is an entry level series of 7 meetings, each Thursday night. If you are in the “advanced” category, bring those who are not and be willing to share you knowledge with the rest of us. Plans are in place to do ongoing meetings and broaden the presenter base so that we can all learn more.


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