Mike Wassen in Court in Christian County Tomorrow-4/30/14

Posted: April 29, 2014 in REAL ID

My apologies for not being able to get a good story together on this issue. Mike Wassen is fighting for his right to travel without giving in to the international biometric Real Id. Please go and support him tomorrow in court if there is any way you can get there at all. Here is the info I have to give you a bit of an overview of the troubles Mike is encountering:

Here’s a summary of what happened which Paul Bingham wrote:

“Mike is charged with the crime of not having a permit to travel, as he has given up his drivers license to live free.

His case has been in court for several months, and he has filed over 141 pages of motions successfully.

On the 26th of March, about twelve freedom-lovers attended the courts session to support Mike.

There were also in attendance at least 4 police officers, beside the bailiff and two deputies attached the court.

Judge John Waters presided.

For the first time the Judge was forced by prior motions filed by Mike to have the hearing officially recorded.

In court, Mike challenged the Subject Matter Jurisdiction or the authority of the court to try him.

When he said this, an officer, across from the judge peremptorily placed his hand upon his holstered pistol and looked directly at Mike who was seated facing the judge.

Mike won another continuance for himself. April 30th is his next court date.

We all exited the courtroom and after briefly discussing the case, headed home.

Before we’d left Ozark, Mike called us to tell us he’d been pulled over not two blocks from the courthouse near highway 14 by 6 of the 7 officers, County, State and City, who had been in the court-room.

Over the phone Mike said he was ordered to get out of his truck and submit to a search of the vehicle. Mike refused. We turned the van around and, after dropping Eric Vimont off Sheriff Joey Kyle’s office to talk to Sheriff Kyle, we approached the crime scene. Mike was dragged from the truck, which he locked thus denying the officers the ability to search it anyway.

Mike was handcuffed and placed in an unmarked Sheriff’s Deputy’s car, and transported to the jail.

A gentleman passed by in a pickup and asked us, “What did he do, rob a bank?”

“Wouldn’t consent to a search. He just left the the courthouse.”

He shook his head sadly:

“That’s Ozark, for you”

We arrived at the same time as some of the officers, and noted that there were two SUV type squad cars previously parked up and down the road from the scene of the stop, as if they had been waiting for Mike, beforehand. these officers never stepped out of their vehicles.

We returned to the Sheriff’s Office, where Eric had talked the Sheriff and the Chief Deputy.

I seriously belief that between Eric Vimonts hurried intervention with Sheriff Kyle and our rushing to the scene with cell phone cams, we saved Mike from a beating or tasering by the 8 cops present. One of whom, incidentally was wearing a kevlar vest.

Mike was taken “downtown,” issued a citation for “operating a motor vehicle without a license” and freed.

We drove him back to his truck, then and his awaiting family.

Mike Wasson’s fight has only begun. And he needs the support of freedom lovers at the Christian County Courthouse on April 30th.

Mike also works full time and has still managed to study and a develop a formidable case.

He did not give up his license for his own benefit. He gave up his license knowing full well the sacrifices the battle for freedom would require from him.”

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