West Plains C4L Meeting- April 17th

Posted: April 16, 2014 in Meetings


You are invited to meet with the Howell County Campaign for Liberty Group Thursday, April 17. At 7:00p John Price will speak about the use of short wave radios and Bradley Gooch will discuss how to prepare a “Bugout bag”. We meet at Skillets (256-7500), 1613 Porter Wagoner, in West Plains. Come at 6:00pm to eat and visit.

This month’s agenda:

  • 7:00 – report on meetings of interest around the state
    • 7:30 – John Price
    • 8:30 – Bradley Gooch

We will have reports bring us up to date in the following areas:


  • White River Blueway/Ozark National Scenic Riverways
  • DOR meetings
  • America’s Voice Now plans
  • West Plains Charter – passed
  • Southern Missouri Secession
  • COS update
  • Candidates for offices
  • Other –


As those of you who live in this area, the West Plains voters approved the charter, so the city will be moving to that form of government.


There is only one contested race for a county office in Howell County. That is between a Republican and a Libertarian for the office of Circuit Clerk.


For a number of reasons, the Republican party is missing the following committee persons:

Chapel both

Dry Creek Committeewoman

Goldsberry both

Hutton Valley Committeewoman

Myatt Committeeman

Siloam Springs both


Open seats can be filled at the first meeting if we have volunteers there to fill them. I will be checking with people I know to fill some of those positions. If you know of conservative folks living in any of those areas talk to them about this opportunity or if you prefer, give me their names and I will approach them.


John Price teaches classes on the use of short wave radios, getting a Ham Operator’s license, etc. He is an excellent source of information in this field. There will be time for a question and answer session.


Staff Sergeant Bradley Gooch, US Army, retired will speak on preparedness for disaster and how to put together a “bug out bag”. Again, time will be allowed for a questions and answer session.


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